Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today we continued making our videos to demonstrate knowledge of “conflict” in a text.  Students explored conflict yesterday in The Little Mermaid and The Lion King with clips from these stories.  Today we read,


and talked about the conflict in this text.  Students are gaining an understanding of the 4 types of conflict:

Internal Conflict

External Conflict:  man vs. man

                              man vs. nature

                              man vs. society

All in preparation for writing our own narratives….

In Math, we moved on to explore volume today and learned about the differences between area and volume (2D vs. 3D).  Students constructed “Mat Drawings” and then built their 3D structures based on these drawings.


Pizza Day will be moved from tomorrow to Friday !



Friday, April 28th, 2017

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Congratulations to Luke Sowden for raising the most money for the Groove-a-thon, and for everyone else who did their part to contribute to our class winning the Pizza Party!  We can’t wait!

Today we finished up our last writing piece on “Themes” in a story line, giving evidence to prove the theme and reflecting on our evidence.  We will move onto looking at conflict in stories as our next reading/writing focus.

We launched our next science units with a lab today.  Grade Fours are looking at habitats and communities and Grade Fives are exploring The Human Body.  We began our unit with a lab, using “Gizmos”.  Your child has their Gizmo log in code and password written in their agenda.

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Super great day today in 4/5L.  We were inspired today by Earth Day to really explore our playground – in the forest, in the ELP play area, our new garden beds…a few students wanted to clean up the litter on the playground and on their own made a difference for our outdoor space.  Great job!

We talked about the message for Earth Day 2017 being:  Earth Play!  We learned that the average student in Canada spends approximately 1hour in outdoor exploration each day.  We talked about approximate measurements of time we think we each spend outside at school and before/after school and what factors contribute to this.  The students brainstormed ideas such as :  Technology, weather conditions, safety issues that concern parents, sports played indoors or after school activities.  I then asked the question:  How many of you would like this to change?  How many of you would like to spend more time outdoors?  Every hand went up!  We had a really great discussion about making a plan to explore our community more as a class, specifically the trail areas close to our schools.

We also had the opportunity to share an earth day art project with the rest of the school by displaying our mural on endangered animals in the primary hallway.

We continued writing about our forest of reading books in language and in math, we learned about “fractals” and their presence in nature!  On Monday, during our Art Period, we will be creating some fractal art.  My assignment for students this weekend is to learn a little more about fractals and come prepared with a fact which they can talk about orally or in a written format.  They can do a little or a lot of research….. here are some of the videos we talked about demonstrating fractals in nature:


Please ensure your child has indoor shoes so they may get good and muddy during outdoor play!  An extra pair of pants would also be a great idea!

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Thursday, April 20th, 2017


We are continuing to work on our French travel brochures and had much discussion today around not using Google Translate but rather pulling from the language and expressions we have already learned this year.


In Language we are talking about themes present in a narrative, through our guided reading and our forest of reading books.  We will be voting on our favourite book in The Forest of Reading next week, while this week we have been thinking about Plot, character details and descriptions, problem, solution, themes and vocabulary in our favourite books.  I’m so pleased at all the reading students have been doing with the Forest of Reading books and the discussions we’ve had in class about themes in the stories have been really significant!

Today we had an assessment in Math to determine where students are at in their learning around division.  This will be sent home soon in their assessment duotangs. We will continue with our Math to learn more about measurement, beginning this week with area and perimeter and metric conversions for Grade 5. 

Dear Parents,

On May 4th, our class will attend Theatre Ancaster’s “History of Rock & Roll” production at Ancaster High School. Students will only need to pay for busing, as Theatre Ancaster has provided this experience free of charge! Trip forms will come home soon. 

Please let me know before next Monday if you would like to volunteer.  I will then make a decision on volunteers based on fairness to all parents (who has volunteered previously),  and contact those parents. We can accommodate approximately four volunteers with our class for this free event. Extra volunteers may need to travel in their own car & I will let you know closer to the date. We depart Rousseau at 10:15 a.m. and return to Rousseau at approximately 2:00 p.m..

Thank you! 

April 10th- April 13th

April 10th- April 13th

Monday, April 10th (Day 3):

  • Math assessment coming home to be signed (Please return assessment duotang tomorrow signed)
  • Math homework (2 pages in Jump Math book)

Tuesday, April 11th (Day 4)

  • Jump Math homework coming home
  • International Day of Pink tomorrow – By wearing pink, staff and students show support for a world without bullying and speak out for those who are voiceless to demonstrate equity.

Wednesday, April 12th (Day 5)

  • International Day of Pink
  • Book Fair tomorrow 9:30am – 6:00pm – students may bring in money to purchase books as we will be making trips down to the fair during the day.  Parents also have the opportunity to visit with their child before/after school

Thursday, April 13th (Day 1)

  • Book Fair


Friday, April 14th

No School today – Happy Easter Weekend!

Audiologist Visit

Audiologist Visit

Thanks to Mrs. Steinberg for joining our class this morning to talk about the anatomy of the ear and how it hears sound.  She brought in a great selection of hearing aids and talked about how these are used for those individuals who need them.  Mrs. Steinberg talked about how to keep our ears safe and what happens to our ears as we age.  We learned about cochlear implants and why someone would need these!  Interesting stuff!  Thanks for a great discussion!

Week Ahead: April 3rd-April 7th

Week Ahead: April 3rd-April 7th

Monday, April 3rd (Day 3)

  • Autism Awareness Day – students are asked to wear blue to support awareness.  4/5L will take part in some presentations to other classes to raise awareness of Autism
  • Author visit at Ancaster Library.  Students will be walking over to the library (rain or shine), at 12:00 to listen to Jess Keating, the author of  Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World’s Perfectly Pink Animals 
  • Math Homework on Long Division Coming Homeimgres.jpg

    Please dress for the weather 

Tuesday, April 4th (Day 4)

  • Math Test on Data Management
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Wednesday, April 5th (Day 5)

  • Popcorn
  • Mad Science
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Thursday, April 6th (Day 1)

  • Pizza Day
  • Junior Choir
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Friday, April 7th (Day 2)

  • Continue reading forest of reading books over the weekend
  • Long Division Homework coming home


What’s happening in Math?

We have begun a unit on long division before we move onto measurement.  Some students are struggling and you can expect to see a manageable amount of questions coming home for students to practice nightly.  We are using the acronym  ” DMSB”  – to help us remember the standard algorithm order:

Dracula (Divide)

Must (Multiply)

Suck (Subtract)

Blood (Bring Down)

What’s happening in Language?

Reading: I have read with each student to complete a Spring DRA assessment  and this week they will be writing the comprehension component to this assessment.

We are also reading in guided groups to work on our comprehension of levelled texts.

We will continue with our Forest of Reading texts and respond with our thoughts about the texts in the Commons:

Welcome to HWDSB Forest of Reading Chat


  • We are continuing to write around our social studies topics and are currently working on a compare/contrast piece involving 2 different early civilizations (4) and First Nations Groups (5).
  • We are continuing to practise editing strategies
  • We will begin looking at the elements of a narrative text in preparation for writing our own


  • grade four students are studying vocabulary and expressions related to quantities:

plus de

un peu de

moins de

combien de

We’ll be linking these terms to our unit on Paris, learning about some French culture.  This is one of a few videos we will be watching to learn vocabulary to use while in Paris.


One last thing…..please remind your child to pack their indoor shoes….it really makes a difference in keeping our classroom mud free and a great place for learning!  Thank you!