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June 12th-June 16th

June 12th-June 16th

We had a great time at Adventure Village last Friday.  It was beautiful weather for our end of the year trip!  Thank you to Mrs. Lalla for volunteering her time!  Here’s the week ahead:

Monday, June 12th – Day 5

  • Science Fair!!  Students are asked to come in at the bell (no earlier please) and drop off their projects in the gymnasium.  They may then go to class for attendance, etc.  and will be back in the gymnasium for set up at 9:40.  Please see below for the schedule.  We hope to see you there!



Tuesday, June 13th – Day 1

  • Volunteer Tea:  If you have volunteered in some capacity this year, please rsvp and join us in celebrating you!


Wednesday, June 14th – Day 2 

  • Class Pizza Party!!  No need to pack a lunch today parents.  Thanks to Luke Sowden winning the class pizza party at the Groove-a-thon, we will be enjoying pizza, veggies and dessert during first break today.


Thursday, June 15th – Day 3

  • Last school pizza day for the year!
  • Junior Choir practice


Friday, June 16th – Day 4

Enjoy the weekend!

Week of: June 5th-June 9th

Week of: June 5th-June 9th

What a busy week we have:

Monday, June 5th – Day 5

  • students may work on science fair projects both breaks with their partners today

Tuesday, June 6th – Day 1

  • students may work on science fair projects break #2 with their partners and during class periods 5 & 6 tomorrow.  Please come prepared with all their materials if needed.
  • Pizza Day today (instead of Thursday!)

Wednesday, June 7th – Day 2

  •  school track meet:  students should come with appropriate running clothes/shoes.  They should arrive at school wearing a hat and sunblock as well as extra sunblock for reapplication later in the day and will be responsible for doing this with reminders from teachers.  They will be outside all day!  Bringing a blanket / towel  to sit on outside is a great idea for lunch times and in between races.

Thursday, June 8th – Day 3

  • Adventure Village Trip (all day) – again, please send your child to school prepared for the weather with a lunch/snacks and water bottle
  • students should aim to have their science fair projects finished today, but do NOT need to bring in journals or project boards to school
  • students should bring in Science Fair Projects (including their science journals/duotangs) and drop off in the gymnasium after the 9:05am bell on Monday, June 12th.
  • Please see attached post on the Rousseau Website: Letter-to-parents-re-science-fair

Friday, June 9th – PA Day

No school today!



  • Tomorrow the grade four students will be travelling to the RBG for a fun day of outdoor learning.  Students please come prepared for the weather.
  • Grade 5 students will be sharing in a morning brunch and all students are asked to bring in some food to share with friends.
  • Please send back assessment duotangs with students
  • Adventure Village trip forms due Monday
  • Science Fair Back Boards distributed today
  • opportunities for students to work with their Science Fair partners each day next week during one of the breaks.
  • Fun Fair Friday!!

Friday, May 19th

Friday, May 19th


  • Holiday on Monday

  • Science Fair Stage 2 forms and duotangs sent home today – stage 2 due next Wednesday.

  • students who needed extra time to finish their writing piece from this week may do so over the long weekend but writing pieces should be submitted published, on Tuesday as we will begin our new writing piece for the week.


Have a wonderful long weekend!

Science Fair Stage One Worksheets

Science Fair Stage One Worksheets

Just a reminder that Stage One of the Science Fair worksheets are due this Wednesday.  Each student (even if working in a group)  should be submitting one Information Sheet this Wednesday.  This will be primarily a project completed at home, however there will be school time provided along the way and opportunity for feedback given to my students.  This is a mandatory project for 4/5L and students will be assessed on their depth of knowledge and the scientific process in their final presentations.

The next stage of this Project will be provided on Wednesday.  Good luck and if you have any questions, please ask!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today we continued making our videos to demonstrate knowledge of “conflict” in a text.  Students explored conflict yesterday in The Little Mermaid and The Lion King with clips from these stories.  Today we read,


and talked about the conflict in this text.  Students are gaining an understanding of the 4 types of conflict:

Internal Conflict

External Conflict:  man vs. man

                              man vs. nature

                              man vs. society

All in preparation for writing our own narratives….

In Math, we moved on to explore volume today and learned about the differences between area and volume (2D vs. 3D).  Students constructed “Mat Drawings” and then built their 3D structures based on these drawings.


Pizza Day will be moved from tomorrow to Friday !



Friday, April 21st, 2017

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Super great day today in 4/5L.  We were inspired today by Earth Day to really explore our playground – in the forest, in the ELP play area, our new garden beds…a few students wanted to clean up the litter on the playground and on their own made a difference for our outdoor space.  Great job!

We talked about the message for Earth Day 2017 being:  Earth Play!  We learned that the average student in Canada spends approximately 1hour in outdoor exploration each day.  We talked about approximate measurements of time we think we each spend outside at school and before/after school and what factors contribute to this.  The students brainstormed ideas such as :  Technology, weather conditions, safety issues that concern parents, sports played indoors or after school activities.  I then asked the question:  How many of you would like this to change?  How many of you would like to spend more time outdoors?  Every hand went up!  We had a really great discussion about making a plan to explore our community more as a class, specifically the trail areas close to our schools.

We also had the opportunity to share an earth day art project with the rest of the school by displaying our mural on endangered animals in the primary hallway.

We continued writing about our forest of reading books in language and in math, we learned about “fractals” and their presence in nature!  On Monday, during our Art Period, we will be creating some fractal art.  My assignment for students this weekend is to learn a little more about fractals and come prepared with a fact which they can talk about orally or in a written format.  They can do a little or a lot of research….. here are some of the videos we talked about demonstrating fractals in nature:


Please ensure your child has indoor shoes so they may get good and muddy during outdoor play!  An extra pair of pants would also be a great idea!