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Friday, April 28th, 2017

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Congratulations to Luke Sowden for raising the most money for the Groove-a-thon, and for everyone else who did their part to contribute to our class winning the Pizza Party!  We can’t wait!

Today we finished up our last writing piece on “Themes” in a story line, giving evidence to prove the theme and reflecting on our evidence.  We will move onto looking at conflict in stories as our next reading/writing focus.

We launched our next science units with a lab today.  Grade Fours are looking at habitats and communities and Grade Fives are exploring The Human Body.  We began our unit with a lab, using “Gizmos”.  Your child has their Gizmo log in code and password written in their agenda.

Final Stage of Science Fair!

Final Stage of Science Fair!

Tomorrow, students are invited to bring in their project boards once again to work on their projects during class time or during nutrition breaks.  This will be a good chance for students to consult with me and get some feedback about their project or to work with their partner at school to catch up!  Final stage information packages, along with the judging rubric will also be sent home with their duotangs.

Take a look at what will be sent home:

Final Stage:

The First Annual Rousseau Science Fair is almost here and we are in the final stage of putting together our projects. Here are some basic guidelines for you to follow to ensure your success.

Your final written piece to be included in your science journals or duotangs. It should include a

paragraph stating:

Did your results prove your hypothesis to be correct or incorrect?

If your project worked.….Summarize your work clearly and tie your conclusions directly back to your original question and hypothesis.

If your project didn’t work.…congratulations, you’ve found out what if feels like to be a researcher. Now you have something to write about in your report. What might have gone wrong? Was there an error you could fix for next time? What did you learn?

Real World Application:

An important part of your conclusion will be to write about the real world application of your work. Does your innovation address a highway engineering problem that will result in less asphalt wear and tear? Will your experiment allow plants to be grown with less water? Have you discovered something in your study that you think more people should know about and how will you get this message across, what should be done?

Project Boards:

Time to display all that wonderful information….refer to our school website for project board ideas and inspiration. All project boards must include:

A large visible title…

science fair judges need to be attracted to a clearly visible title in a large font. Step away from your project board and double check that your title can be seen from a distance.



Background Research






What are acknowledgements? Anyone to thank for giving you a helping hand? Any research you want to draw attention to that really helped you out? Here’s your chance to write about that. Short sentences please.


On the day of the Science Fair, you should be ready to present all of your wonderful work to the judges and any visitors that are interested! To prepare for that, practise answering these questions…

  1. Why did you choose this topic?
  2. Did the results surprise you? Why or why not?
  3. What steps did you follow in your procedure? Did you change any steps? Why or why not?
  4. How can your project be applied to society today?
  5. If you chose to change your project, what would you change? Why?

Judges will also ask specific questions related to your topic and results. Therefore, make sure that you understand your topic and results!

Good luck to all!

Science Fair Update

Science Fair Update

Hello 4/5L Scientists….

Stage Two of The First Annual Science Fair is due this Monday, May 9th, as outlined in the information package (extended timeline)  that went home with students. At this point all you need to hand in is your science journal/ binder/ duotang with your completed written information :

Background Research
(what information have you investigated so far on your topic)

(Why have you chosen to complete this experiment, investigation or study)

(what do you think will be your results)

(what equipment, tools will you use to complete your experiment/study/investigation)

(what steps will you take to execute your experiment / study/ investigation)
We will have a short meeting tomorrow at first break to talk about expectations for stage 2 and information about submitting all of your wonderful information. At this point, I will distribute dustings to those students who need one. We have also been talking in class about student work and it sounds like there are a lot of interesting projects happening. Thank you to all the parents who are guiding their students to follow timelines and pace themselves, so this task does not become too overwhelming.  I realize this is a busy time of year!  However, I believe the benefits of participating in this task will follow your children as they move throughout their school years.

Still not sure how to help your child? Take a look here…..

Scientists in School

Scientists in School


Yesterday, grade fours and fives participated in workshops held by “Scientists in School”.  The grade fours experimented with light and sound and grade fives, The Human Body.  Unfortunately, I was unable to be at school due to a conference.  However, the feedback from the students and other teachers was that it was a positive day.  Talk to your child about what they learned!


Grade Five Social Studies Projects

Grade Five Social Studies Projects

The grade fives have been given the challenge to build a device which demonstrates an energy transformation and moves two meters. They will be working on their written information at school and building their devices at home.  Their devices must be brought into school no later than Monday, January 18th.  Have fun building!

Forms of Energy


Social Studies Unit Completed!

Social Studies Unit Completed!

We finished up the last of our social studies presentations today.  The students worked diligently for two weeks in class completing research, making notes, writing drafts and final published products that they were proud of.  There were presentation boards and slideshows all exhibiting their hard work.  We’ll move onto Science now and our focus will be in the area of  ” Understanding Earth and Space Systems”

Grade 4:  Rocks and Minerals

Grade 5: Conservation of Energy & Resources

Take a peek…

image image image image image