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You can see what is happening at Rousseau and in 3L here!

April 10th- April 13th

April 10th- April 13th

Monday, April 10th (Day 3):

  • Math assessment coming home to be signed (Please return assessment duotang tomorrow signed)
  • Math homework (2 pages in Jump Math book)

Tuesday, April 11th (Day 4)

  • Jump Math homework coming home
  • International Day of Pink tomorrow – By wearing pink, staff and students show support for a world without bullying and speak out for those who are voiceless to demonstrate equity.

Wednesday, April 12th (Day 5)

  • International Day of Pink
  • Book Fair tomorrow 9:30am – 6:00pm – students may bring in money to purchase books as we will be making trips down to the fair during the day.  Parents also have the opportunity to visit with their child before/after school

Thursday, April 13th (Day 1)

  • Book Fair


Friday, April 14th

No School today – Happy Easter Weekend!

Week Ahead: April 3rd-April 7th

Week Ahead: April 3rd-April 7th

Monday, April 3rd (Day 3)

  • Autism Awareness Day – students are asked to wear blue to support awareness.  4/5L will take part in some presentations to other classes to raise awareness of Autism
  • Author visit at Ancaster Library.  Students will be walking over to the library (rain or shine), at 12:00 to listen to Jess Keating, the author of  Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World’s Perfectly Pink Animals 
  • Math Homework on Long Division Coming Homeimgres.jpg

    Please dress for the weather 

Tuesday, April 4th (Day 4)

  • Math Test on Data Management
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Wednesday, April 5th (Day 5)

  • Popcorn
  • Mad Science
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Thursday, April 6th (Day 1)

  • Pizza Day
  • Junior Choir
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Friday, April 7th (Day 2)

  • Continue reading forest of reading books over the weekend
  • Long Division Homework coming home


What’s happening in Math?

We have begun a unit on long division before we move onto measurement.  Some students are struggling and you can expect to see a manageable amount of questions coming home for students to practice nightly.  We are using the acronym  ” DMSB”  – to help us remember the standard algorithm order:

Dracula (Divide)

Must (Multiply)

Suck (Subtract)

Blood (Bring Down)

What’s happening in Language?

Reading: I have read with each student to complete a Spring DRA assessment  and this week they will be writing the comprehension component to this assessment.

We are also reading in guided groups to work on our comprehension of levelled texts.

We will continue with our Forest of Reading texts and respond with our thoughts about the texts in the Commons:

Welcome to HWDSB Forest of Reading Chat


  • We are continuing to write around our social studies topics and are currently working on a compare/contrast piece involving 2 different early civilizations (4) and First Nations Groups (5).
  • We are continuing to practise editing strategies
  • We will begin looking at the elements of a narrative text in preparation for writing our own


  • grade four students are studying vocabulary and expressions related to quantities:

plus de

un peu de

moins de

combien de

We’ll be linking these terms to our unit on Paris, learning about some French culture.  This is one of a few videos we will be watching to learn vocabulary to use while in Paris.


One last thing…..please remind your child to pack their indoor shoes….it really makes a difference in keeping our classroom mud free and a great place for learning!  Thank you!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017!  It was a busy last week for us here in 4/5L and I didn’t get a chance to post some of our fun pictures.  One thing we were particularly proud of was our $1000.00 donation to the Juravinski Foundation.


My students were able to see first hand how their endeavours as a class created a “ripple” effect and resulted in a substantial donation to The Juravinski Foundation, specifically “Tomorrow Stems From You”.  How proud I was of them!


We also had a little fun opening our secret snowman gifts in some unique original and fun wrapping…Great job to everyone!

A reminder to send in indoor shoes to keep our floors dry and clean!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Great Fall day today!  Students tried out a new app today called Epic Books.  We are really loving the selection of books in this app and how it complements our Social studies curriculum nicely (gr. 4 Canadian Regions, Gr.5 Government in Canada)..  Students are encouraged to read at home with Epic books if they have a device available and complete the assignments given to them.  All students were given a lesson on how to access this program on any device and their log in codes are written in their agendas. However here it is:

Epic Books


password:  slaws003

Math today involved patterns using tables (5) and attributes in patterns (4)!

French:  Thanksgiving activities!

Students had phys-ed with Mrs. Stinson as well outside and practised their cross country skills.

  • Reminder:  Please send in your child’s ear buds and indoor shoes if you have not already done so.   Thank you!




Tuesday, September 13th/16

Tuesday, September 13th/16

What a great fall day today! We went outside for some DPA today to enjoy a bit of it!

Language: Today students listened to The One and Only Ivan and reflected on what they read with the following questions to guide them.  These would be a great discussion during dinner with your child.



Math:  Today we reviewed our previously learned mental math strategies and learned a couple more:


Adding  doubles equals multiplying by 2! 4+4= 2×4=8





Students also had Phys-Ed with Mrs. Stinson and Music with Mrs Fawcett today. Students participate in Phys-Ed on Days 1 and 2 each week.  Most students have running shoes here at school as their indoor shoes.  If not, please ensure your child comes well prepared, ready to participate.

French:  continued with introductions in French.


Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Medieval Times Trip Forms came home today.  Payment is online and please send in permission forms ASAP. Thanks!

Todays classroom Math work was a multiplication sheet.  Grade fours are working on 2 digit x 2 digit and Grade 5’s are multiplying decimals.


All students worked on summarizing texts today after our lesson and group activities and lots of modeling of answers.  Students learned that:

A SUMMARY is a short account of the central ideas of a text.

SUMMARIES are not a place for:

* opinions

* Background Knowledge

* personal information

How to Summarize:  Read the text. Don’t let the big words scare you.  Ask, “What was this text about”.

Your answer…..

* should be a complete sentence or two.

* should cover the main point and key ideas

* should be in your own words

* shouldn’t be just a word or two

Only major ideas and necessary information should go into a summary.  Students should ask themselves “Do I need this information to understand the text?”  If the answer is “yes”, they should put it into their own words in a summary.

Some students did not finish in class and brought it home for homework .


Tuesday, March 21st- Friday, April 1st

Tuesday, March 21st- Friday, April 1st
Tuesday, March 21st- Friday, April 1st

We’ve had a busy week…..


Social Studies inquiry into Early Civilizations and First Nations / European Settlers. image image image image image

This week we investigated topics of interest within our units such as weaponry/ conflicts and resolutions , medicines to heal, prosthetics, jobs and communication.  Many big ideas came out of our discussions such as advances today in all of these areas.  One discussion led to the idea that the reason we do not have Knights today is because the weaponry during the medieval times became so advanced that it was able to penetrate the armor.  That led to the conversation…are the most technologically advanced civilizations the ones that are able to overtake another civilization? In the case of weaponry brought over by the European Settlers to North America, students were able to make that connection.  One group discussed how Benjamin Franklin modeled government after the First Nation traditions of government. Great discussions happening overall….


In Math we worked on our Geometry unit studying….types of angles, congruent shapes, parallel sides, properties of shapes (differences between a parallelogram and a rhombus).  I’ve added an assignment on this in Prodigy for anyone interested…

Visual Arts was very competitive today as students created an image to be used for one of the Lion King Musical Performance Days.



Coming home…

Coming home…

Today I sent home the students assessment duotangs with a diagnostic assessment done in class today on multiplication.  Students were given 20minutes to complete both sides of the Easter multiplication worksheet.  I was looking to see where my students are at with their recall of facts.  This is not an assessment….only a starting point.  We will be completing daily drills of basic math facts in addition to our regular math units.  Currently, we are still learning about geometry.  Please sign todays assessment and return tomorrow.  I have asked students to work on the facts to the best of their abilities as homework for tonight.

I hope everyone had a wonderful march break.  It was great to get caught up with all my students today and hear all about their March Break activities.