Week Ahead: April 3rd-April 7th

Week Ahead: April 3rd-April 7th

Monday, April 3rd (Day 3)

  • Autism Awareness Day – students are asked to wear blue to support awareness.  4/5L will take part in some presentations to other classes to raise awareness of Autism
  • Author visit at Ancaster Library.  Students will be walking over to the library (rain or shine), at 12:00 to listen to Jess Keating, the author of  Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World’s Perfectly Pink Animals 
  • Math Homework on Long Division Coming Homeimgres.jpg

    Please dress for the weather 

Tuesday, April 4th (Day 4)

  • Math Test on Data Management
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Wednesday, April 5th (Day 5)

  • Popcorn
  • Mad Science
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Thursday, April 6th (Day 1)

  • Pizza Day
  • Junior Choir
  • Long Division Homework coming home

Friday, April 7th (Day 2)

  • Continue reading forest of reading books over the weekend
  • Long Division Homework coming home


What’s happening in Math?

We have begun a unit on long division before we move onto measurement.  Some students are struggling and you can expect to see a manageable amount of questions coming home for students to practice nightly.  We are using the acronym  ” DMSB”  – to help us remember the standard algorithm order:

Dracula (Divide)

Must (Multiply)

Suck (Subtract)

Blood (Bring Down)

What’s happening in Language?

Reading: I have read with each student to complete a Spring DRA assessment  and this week they will be writing the comprehension component to this assessment.

We are also reading in guided groups to work on our comprehension of levelled texts.

We will continue with our Forest of Reading texts and respond with our thoughts about the texts in the Commons:

Welcome to HWDSB Forest of Reading Chat


  • We are continuing to write around our social studies topics and are currently working on a compare/contrast piece involving 2 different early civilizations (4) and First Nations Groups (5).
  • We are continuing to practise editing strategies
  • We will begin looking at the elements of a narrative text in preparation for writing our own


  • grade four students are studying vocabulary and expressions related to quantities:

plus de

un peu de

moins de

combien de

We’ll be linking these terms to our unit on Paris, learning about some French culture.  This is one of a few videos we will be watching to learn vocabulary to use while in Paris.


One last thing…..please remind your child to pack their indoor shoes….it really makes a difference in keeping our classroom mud free and a great place for learning!  Thank you!

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