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Looking for….

Looking for….

Now that spring is here……you may be doing a little spring cleaning in your homes……

I am currently transforming my classroom into a more comfortable, homey space to be for optimal student learning and I’m looking for donations of the following items:

old couches

futon couches


coffee tables


If you have anything sitting around your house, causing clutter and you would like to donate it to our classroom, please send me an email:


Social Studies Knowledge Building

Social Studies Knowledge Building

This morning, our class did some excellent knowledge building around our social studies topics.  If you would like to view some of the information we learned you can ask your child to log into the Mindomo links below.  They may continue to add to our information at home as well.


Early Civilizations (Egypt)

First Nations and Early Explorers


ROM Trip

ROM Trip

Dear Parents:

This Wednesday, the grade 4/5 classes at Rousseau will be travelling to the ROM in Toronto.  Thank you for ensuring that permission forms are in and you have paid using school cash online.  The payment for this trip will close at midnight, Tuesday, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Please ensure your child arrives at school between 8:45-9:05, and comes into the school ready to leave.  Please ask them not to undress and to only bring lunches with them.  No agendas needed this day!   We will be leaving at 9:05 sharp – however, if the school bus arrives late, we will wait for those bus students.

Volunteers could plan to arrive at 8:45 to receive their supervision groups and any special instructions needed.  Thank you in advance to Mrs. Conen and Mrs. Scott for volunteering their time to ensure our students are safe and supervised.

We will be leaving Toronto at 2:45 and hope to make it home in good time (fingers crossed).  We are expecting at least an hour for travel and will be in contact with the office to let them know how our drive is progressing.  Mr. Gris has offered to send out a synervoice message if we encounter traffic and arrive any later than 3:45 – 4:00pm.  Thank you for your patience with plans, allowing us to plan these great learning experiences for our students!


March 6th-10th

March 6th-10th

We have a super busy week ahead with lots to look forward to.  Heres the plan:

Monday, March 6th:  

  • Crunch time for speeches!  Students are working diligently to finish up and practise oral presentation skills (using pitch, pace, tone, eye contact, hand gestures) which will enhance their speech presentations. 
  • Those competing for the school competition will present tomorrow and others later in the week.

Tuesday, March 7th:  

  • competitive speech presentations

Wednesday, March 8th:

  • Grade 4/5 trip to the ROM (please arrive for 8:45am and make arrangements for a late dismissal- 3:45-4:00pm, depending on traffic)
  • Mad Science

Thursday, March 9th: 

  • School Speech Competition ( winners from classroom competition move forward at this point)
  • Pizza Day

Friday, March 10th:

  • Hawaiian/ Beach Day and Dance 1:50 – 2:37
  • Hot Chocolate Day (Provided by Home & School – Break #1