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Oral Communications Festival

Oral Communications Festival

Students are diligently working on their speeches in class daily and I’m seeing a lot of progress happening.  This writing experience is especially beneficial for the Grade Fours, as this is their first experience with this writing form.  They are learning so much from their mistakes and feedback given.

Junior teachers initially planned for our oral competition to be on February 27th, but reflected on this and as a division decided to move it to March 9th.  Here, the winners from our class competition will present  their speeches in a formal competition.  They will be judged according to a set rubric from HWDSB, by some professionals from within our system.

I’m looking forward to hearing the finished product from my students on March 7th and 8th.

Hot Dog Day

Hot Dog Day

Hot diggity dog! On February 24th, Rousseau will be enjoying hot dogs.  Order forms went out last week and need to be handed in on or before February 21st.

If you have any special dietary needs for your child and you would like them to participate in this day, please let us know and  the lovely ladies organizing this day will do their best to accommodate.

If you are free and willing to help out on February 24th, volunteers are much needed to make this day a success.  Please contact Kim Strecker if you are able.

Student Council News

Student Council News

Rousseau Food Drive (part of the 25th Annual Ancaster Community Food Drive). Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to kick off Rousseau’s Annual Food Drive!

From February 14th – 24th, please consider donating:

  • cheques (made to Rousseau School)
  • grocery store gift cards
  • money
  • and/or non-perishable food items

Cheques, grocery gift cards and money will be distributed to local Ancaster families and seniors in need. Most food items will be donated to Hamilton Food Share.

Students are also encouraged to wear pink/red and/or white tomorrow for Valentine’s Day and to kick off our Food Drive!

Math Assessment

Math Assessment

Today, we continued our learning about probability and did several hands on tasks around the probability continuum.  Students learned about proper Math vocabulary around probability:  Certain, likely, even, unlikely, impossible…… and created a variety of spinners to reflect a criteria.  Final task for the day was an assessment:

Our warm up question for tomorrow:

Explain why it is impossible to make a collection of marbles to match this description:

It is impossible to pick red.

It is certain to pick blue.

It is very unlikely to pick green.

Mon. Feb. 13th

Mon. Feb. 13th

Today we created “Mind Maps” to brainstorm ideas about some potential topics for our Oral Communications Festival.  Students learned that they will be able to choose to write one of three potential types of speeches:

A.  Informational Speech

B. Persuasive Speech

C. Humorous Speech

Mind Maps will come home tonight so you may have a discussion about your child’s choice for their speech.  Students have been informed that if they wish to participate in the school speech competition, they may not work on their speeches at home. This is a directive from HWDSB.  This includes summarizing research or jotting down notes about potential ideas or things to include.  They may however collect resources to read and summarize at school.  Students should have a solid topic chosen for tomorrow.

If they know they do not want to participate in the school competition, they will have the opportunity to present their speech to our class, and they may work on their speech at home.  Their mark will be strictly a Oral Presentation Mark.

Our school Oral Communications Festival will be held on:  February 27th

I hope this helps you to understand the speech writing process for our board.  Thank you for helping your student to become independent learners and work through the speech writing process and all of its challenges.


Valentines Day Cards

Here’s a class list to ensure your child has included everyone:

Elyse  B.                                                                       Paul  C.                                                                  Alexander C.

Nalini D.                                                                        Paul D.                                                                   Sophie F.

Maren H.                                                                       Sienna M.                                                              Alexander M.

Jaap O.                                                                        Mia S.                                                                      Luke S.

Cali-Rae T.                                                                   Jack T.                                                                     Max T.

Alexandra C.                                                               Megan D.                                                                  Luka F.

Sienna H.                                                                    Zionne J.                                                                   Brady K.

Michael M.                                                                  Brennan N.                                                               Ben L.

Leah N.                                                                       Kevin Z.


Nut free treats may be brought in to share with classmates tomorrow!


Wed. Feb. 9th, 2017

Wed. Feb. 9th, 2017

Math tests came home today in our Assessment Duotangs.  Please return to school, with your signature.  Thank you!

Today we had our final assessment tasks in Summarizing Texts.  We brainstormed all the learning we’ve been practising to develop some strong success criteria to refer to when completing our assessment task.


In Math, we are continuing to work on probability……. we have been talking about “outcomes” and today had the task of determining how many outcomes could there be when playing a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”…..and wow the higher level thinking that came out of that discussion was impressive.  Students began using percentages and ratios to express their thinking.

The sun peeked out for a bit this afternoon and we had some fun DPA outdoors.


Students were so excited to continue working on their rocks and minerals / conservation of energy projects ….

Note:  Thursday, February 16th not the 15th!

Our final “MART” product (math/art)  is displayed beautifully in the classroom.  Geometry is beautiful!

Rocks and minerals lab continues….looking at streak, hardness, lustre…