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Friday Fun!

Friday Fun!

Todays math lesson focused on angles!  Identifying benchmark angles such as acute, obtuse, right and today we learned about reflexive angles.  Students explored what half, quarters and something to think about for the week – 1/3, 1/6 of a right angle would be.  We talked about how we could use these benchmark angles to determine the degrees of an angle without using a protractor. Here is some of our thinking:


Free Choice Fridays for the last period of the day and the students were up to so many great learning tasks.


We had some prodigy players….

Some artists…

Some young actors filming a short film about a “mean” principal…….

Some students watched tutorials on how to draw different things….

Some chose to read…..

Nature painting in the works……

Busy making a Lego Empire!  King Gronwin and Queen Jeffett  live here with their own car…..the boys are making updates to make it a sustainable empire……

Dot and Dash were being coded speak and move ,,,,,,,I think I heard him say “I’m Dizzy!”

Have a great weekend!

What’s Happening?

What’s Happening?

Language:  students have been working on summarizing information using main idea and details in non-fiction based around their science topics of Rock & Minerals (4) and Conservation of Energy (5).  We’ve explored the topics of what is a rock/mineral, the rock cycle and how we use rocks/minerals in our everyday lives.  Grade fives have explored the types of energy (renewable and non-renewable), how we use energy in our everyday lives and what impact this has made on the environment.

We have been working on our oral reading skills focussing in on pitch, volume and tempo to make our oral communication interesting to listen to.

Math:  We have moved onto Geometry and have identified types of shapes and some key learning around geometrical terms.  We have sorted and classified shapes into different categories according to these terms.

Homework coming home tonight:  

Grade 4 Jump Workbook: p.170, G4-16 #1

Grade 5 Jump Workbook:  p. 170 G5-14 #1

We completed our first book war and determined that the winner for the first round ( Ivan vs. Island) was:

Island of The Blue Dolphins

Our new reading books will be from the HWDSB Forest of Reading.  We will have sets available in the classroom of all the books from this program (10 books) which we will be reading until the end of the school year.  Students will then have the opportunity to meet authors, communicate with other students in our board and blog about their thoughts about the books.  Voting for the favourite book will take place towards the end of the term.  Students will be able to borrow these books for their home reading – so our book wars routine is changing a bit for the better I think, but we are still reading rich texts and analyzing them based on a set of criteria (plot, setting, characters, language, visualization, etc…).

Coming up:  Trip to James and The Giant Peach – Jan. 24th
(Trip Forms due tomorrow)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017!  It was a busy last week for us here in 4/5L and I didn’t get a chance to post some of our fun pictures.  One thing we were particularly proud of was our $1000.00 donation to the Juravinski Foundation.


My students were able to see first hand how their endeavours as a class created a “ripple” effect and resulted in a substantial donation to The Juravinski Foundation, specifically “Tomorrow Stems From You”.  How proud I was of them!


We also had a little fun opening our secret snowman gifts in some unique original and fun wrapping…Great job to everyone!

A reminder to send in indoor shoes to keep our floors dry and clean!