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4/5L Fun Zone Proceeds

4/5L Fun Zone Proceeds

img_1514-2After listening to some well written, convincing, heart warming campaigns this morning from students, our class conducted a vote to determine where we want to donate the proceeds of our Arcade to.  It was a close outcome with many charities falling one vote below the winner.   Therefore, money collected from our charity fundraiser on Wednesday will be donated to The Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.   Specifically :  Tomorrow Stems From You… Students will dig deeper into this topic more next week, learning more about their charity of choice.

img_1510-2 img_1508 img_1506 img_1515-2 img_1517 img_1516 img_1519-2 img_1520-2 img_1518-2 img_1524-2 img_1523-2 img_1522 img_1521-2 img_1525

Well done students!!

Indoor Shoes Needed!

Indoor Shoes Needed!

Students are reminded to please bring in their indoor shoes to avoid the mud pit that our classroom has become!  A small cloth/nylon bag to hang on their hooks is helpful so shoes do not get lost and allows our dedicated caretakers to properly clean the hallways each evening.  Lets work together to make sure our classroom is a clean space for each other to learn in!

img_0494 img_0495 img_0496 img_0497 img_0498

Thank you for your cooperation.




Our new science units were launched yesterday with the viewing of the videos attatched to yesterdays post.  Students then generated questions they had about their topics:


img_0490 img_0491 img_0492


Part of our questioning was to focus on writing “thick” questions that would need much thinking to answer ….. They did a great deal of thinking to generate their questions.

Moving on from this we had a gallery walk and tried to identify common threads or themes around our questions and students recorded these here:


You can see how we tried to find one overlapping, guiding question which will link all of our learning:

How does our universe provide us with the resources needed for survival?

This question will always referred back to when we dig deeper into our topics of Rocks and Minerals and Conservation of Energy!  Our conversation was meaningful and I was so impressed at how critically the students were thinking.  Great job 4/5L!

November 23rd, 2016

November 23rd, 2016

Things happening in our class lately:

Writing / Media Studies:   Students have been learning about a variety of media texts and constructing invitations, brochures, posters and tickets all related to our 4/5 Fun Zone Arcade!  We will be holding this on Wednesday, November 30th and inviting classes from within our school to join us and make a donation as an entrance fee.  We have finished up our formative procedural writing assignment and will be thinking about the feedback we received and completing a summative assessment shortly.

Reading: We are currently practicing our reading with fluency and expression.  When we read orally, it is important to pay attention to rate, punctuation, and text features.  We also have to be mindful not to insert words that are not included or omit words that are!  Students are encouraged to convey the author’s message using their tone of voice. Many details to think about !

Math:  We have moved onto Number Sense and Numeration and we are practicing our skills representing numbers using base ten blocks, expanded form and writing out larger numbers into the 10, 000….Students have learned how to regroup with – and + and how to represent “groups of…” using arrays…we have created arrays and then written the corresponding math equation as well as creating the math equation first and then completing the array.  We have also talked about the commutative property (changing the order of digits does not change the result) of multiplication which will help students learn their x tables at a quicker pace.

Science:  We have begun our new inquiries into Rocks and Minerals (4) and Conservation of Energy (5). Students began  this unit with a provocation watching two videos about their topics and asking questions that they have on these topics. – Grade 4

Grade 5:

Mystery Skype Results!

Mystery Skype Results!

We had an engaging morning playing Mystery Skype with another 4/5 class from MICHIGAN !  We narrowed it down to Michigan and then unfortunately our connection was poor.  We’ll play again on Thursday with a different class “somewhere” in the world.  We’ll also take another look at our questions and talk about how we can improve them and our whole Mystery Skype experience!  


Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype



Tomorrow our class is very excited to be participating in our very first Mystery Skype Game with a class from a “secret” location somewhere in the world!  Sound fun?  I can’t wait!  

Mystery Skype is a 45-60 minute critical thinking challenge that our class takes part in with another class somewhere in the world.  Our goal is to guess the other school’s location (country, province/state, city, school) before the other class does.  Reasons to participate?

  • Create a global community of learners

  • Critical Thinking

  • Geography skills

  • Listening and Speaking skills

  • Student-Led

  • Using Resources to find information

  • Authentic purpose for research

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Challenge-Based Learning

  • Creating partners for future projects

  • Allows teachers to collaborate globally

What more could we ask for in an hour of learning?  Wish us luck on our very first of two Mystery Skypes this week –  next one on Thursday!

We’ll document our questions here:

Mystery Skype Google Doc

Day #2 – Cardboard Challenge

Day #2 – Cardboard Challenge

What a noisy, messy, fun day we had!  Our cardboard creations are almost finished and we’re on to the next stages of our project.  We’ll continue to write about our procedures for building and playing our games as well as creating Posters, Promotional Videos and assigning roles to execute our plan for a school Arcade Day.  We’ll create a list of new vocabulary words to include on our Advertisements and discuss text features. Students will also be adding to their blueprints measuring lengths, angles and calculating the probability of winning!  Ticket sales will involve experience counting money and % ‘s towards a class fundraising goal.  Project based learning is fun!

img_1425 img_1426 img_1428 img_1430 img_1432 img_1435

Parents….if you’re wanting to throw out all of that Halloween Candy, now is the time to do it!  We’ve been modeling the amount of sugar found in our favorite snacks!  Even those we think are healthy.  Today’s biggest AHA moment came when students read nutrition labels for serving sizes and calculated the amount of sugar per serving.  Maynards Sour Peaches came in at a whopping 40 grams of sugar per packet equalling 10 teaspoons!  I heard many students comment that they would “never” eat those again and “Holy Cow!  That’s disgusting!”  img_1436

Healthy breakfast? One packet of oatmeal……