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Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun!


What a great day we had today!  We had witches and angels, ghostbusters and ghosts, hobos and Donald Trump….and more…..Here’s a peek….fullsizerender-2  img_1317 img_1319


Halloween Mural……. “Halloween Town!”


We have trick or treaters…img_1320

The Graveyard….img_1322

The Pumpkin Patch….


The Haunted Mansion….img_1326 Monsters and Zombies…img_1327 Haunted School….img_1328

Ghosts and Goblins….img_1324



Tomorrow Rousseau will be holding its annual Halloween parade! Students should come to school dressed in their costume as there will be no time to put costumes on at school. Students should not be in the halls prior to the morning bell please which is our normal school routine.   Costumes may stay on all day, or a change of clothes may be brought in. The Halloween parade will begin at 9:30 AM  and parents are welcome to come and see all the unique costumes!   We will also be having a Halloween party in our classroom. Treats may be sent in to class for the students! As always, please ensure that they are nut  free and healthy options are always welcome!

Happy Halloween!!

Progress Report Interviews

Progress Report Interviews


It’s that time of year when teachers are busy thinking about their students and writing all about their successes and next steps.  Progress Reports will be distributed next Wednesday, November 2nd and you will have the opportunity to meet with me to discuss this report on Thursday, November 3rd after school and Friday, November 4th from 9am – noon.  If you would prefer a telephone interview, please indicate this on the form attached.  Or if you are unable to make any of these times, I would be happy to arrange an alternate time after school one day. Please open the link below to sign up for a time!  I look forward to meeting with all of you!


Click here:  Interview Schedule


Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Assessment duo tangs came home today to be reviewed by parents.  Please read the letter to parents if you could and send back tomorrow.

Today in our language centres we practiced what a good group discussion looks like.

img_1252-2 This may seem really simple but year after year I find that many students lack confidence when it comes to discussions, even when previous teachers have had them engaged in their classes. So this year rather than just try to teach them throughout the year, I decided to create a foundation for it now, so what did we do? We combined a few tried-and-true strategies.

I invited four volunteers to come up and discuss an unknown text with me. I had to follow the same expectations as them. We read a piece on “wonderopolis” on Why We Have Homework!

They loved watching the video which preceeds this piece and thinking about the questions posed before they read.  Students then took turns reading out loud and when they finished, completed the vocabulary quiz to make sure they were understanding key vocabulary.  We then shut off our devices and began our discussion.

So How Does It Work?

Two cards: We used the tried-and-true way to get everyone to speak. When a person speaks, they put their card into the middle. They cannot speak again then until everyone else has also spoken and put a card in the middle. This is to help everyone actually add their voice. I do two cards so that they all have to participate at least twice. After the cards are used up, they can speak as much as they would like.

Bounce Card: The Bounce card is a visual tool for kids to remember to “bounce” off each other’s ideas rather than just state their own opinions. There are three different paths they can take, they can bounce, sum up, or inquire. Having the card in front of them is a helpful reminder to how they should be discussing.


At the end of the task (about 15 minutes or so), I asked them to please reflect on themselves. We spoke about how often we reflect on how others do in a task but forget to look inward and that we are the ones we need to be concerned with, not how others do.

And that was our kick off to all the amazing discussions we’ll be having this year.  Thinking critically and stating our opinions well is our goal!

Imagine how pleased I was when I heard one student say “Wow!  That was a lot of fun!”


Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Busy day today!  Students worked on some editing activities today and we will be taking this up tomorrow as well as completing more practice in this area.  I’m observing that a lot of practice in general is needed in this area. Using capitals on titles and proper nouns, proper punctuation and using our dictionaries to spell unfamiliar words.

Also still working on Regions of Canada (4), where students just read and wrote about the features of The Arctic Region.

This Friday, we will be having our second math test to finish up the unit on patterning and algebra.  The previous test will be sent home shortly! Students have been given their marks already but we had some students absent so I’ve needed to hold on to these.  

In French, we are learning how to write about the weather and the date in French.  Students are also loving the app Duolingo to learn new skills.  An option for practice at home!


  • students should arrive with their agendas signed daily
  • nightly homework continues to be reading and hopefully, everyone has finished both novels: The One and Only Ivan  + Island of The Blue Dolphins (as mentioned, I have copies of both books if students need one – just ask!) 
  • Popcorn day tomorrow

For those students participating in swim team and cross country, runners are expected to return to school by 2:30pm which will be just in time for us to leave for swimming.  Lots of physical activity happening on Friday!

And finally…..announcing our next two novels up for battle…..



Students can get a head start any time! 


Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016
Working hard on our thanksgiving art!

Working hard on our thanksgiving art!

image image image image image image image image image

Math today: grade fours worked on patterns using tables and grade fives worked on patterns using money and time.  Our very first Math test will be on Friday covering increasing and decreasing sequences.  Students will be bringing home their jump math books to review with tomorrow.  Tests will cover all the material that has been marked in their workbooks.

Language:  reading and writing today about our social studies focus.  Using Epic books as a resource.

Physed: students were able to enjoy the lovely weather outside with Mrs Stinson today for physed.




Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Great Fall day today!  Students tried out a new app today called Epic Books.  We are really loving the selection of books in this app and how it complements our Social studies curriculum nicely (gr. 4 Canadian Regions, Gr.5 Government in Canada)..  Students are encouraged to read at home with Epic books if they have a device available and complete the assignments given to them.  All students were given a lesson on how to access this program on any device and their log in codes are written in their agendas. However here it is:

Epic Books


password:  slaws003

Math today involved patterns using tables (5) and attributes in patterns (4)!

French:  Thanksgiving activities!

Students had phys-ed with Mrs. Stinson as well outside and practised their cross country skills.

  • Reminder:  Please send in your child’s ear buds and indoor shoes if you have not already done so.   Thank you!