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Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
                   International Day of Peace
* Today, students reviewed the following inspirational music and 
discussed what peace meant to them.  We created posters following a rubric 
using slogans, headers, images that reflect peace and several text features.

*In Math, we are continuing to practice our mental math strategies – ask about our game of Math Go Fish.

Free Writing / Cursive Writing

Free Writing / Cursive Writing

img_1166 img_1167 img_1169

Watercolour Painting – students chose a variety of techniques to experiment with during this visual arts cycle

img_1170 img_1171

Cursive Writing / Free Writing – students enjoyed using their time to write about a topic of their choice – using correct conventions and descriptive vocabulary.   They are also continuing to investigate The Silverback Gorilla as part of our read aloud inquiry. They’ve discovered so many interesting things…..

Ask about our Math Game of Go Fish….making 10, making 20…..experimenting with all our our learned mental math strategies!

Meet The Creature Night

Thursday, September 22nd


I look forward to introducing myself to those parents I haven’t been able to connect with and saying hello to those of you I have!  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 13th/16

Tuesday, September 13th/16

What a great fall day today! We went outside for some DPA today to enjoy a bit of it!

Language: Today students listened to The One and Only Ivan and reflected on what they read with the following questions to guide them.  These would be a great discussion during dinner with your child.



Math:  Today we reviewed our previously learned mental math strategies and learned a couple more:


Adding  doubles equals multiplying by 2! 4+4= 2×4=8





Students also had Phys-Ed with Mrs. Stinson and Music with Mrs Fawcett today. Students participate in Phys-Ed on Days 1 and 2 each week.  Most students have running shoes here at school as their indoor shoes.  If not, please ensure your child comes well prepared, ready to participate.

French:  continued with introductions in French.


Monday, Sept. 12th/16

Monday, Sept. 12th/16

Today we spent the morning reading The One and Only Ivan and had a short discussion about the perspective of Ivan living in a mall and what he observes about humans.  We then took a look at someone local in the Gorilla world, Nneka, the baby Gorilla at the Toronto Zoo.  Take a look:

Students reflected in their writing journals about the reading today.

Math:  We talked about more mental math strategies such as adding / subtracting 3, 4 by taking it apart and using our odd and even number counting.  Eg:  24 + 3=  24 +2+1= 27, 24-3= 24-2-1=21

Eg:  24 + 3=  24 +2+1= 27, 24-3= 24-2-1=21

The importance of this strategy to use mentally is huge when we get into more difficult addition and subtraction.

Visual Arts: We completed Zentangle art in visual arts.

French: Learning how to introduce ourselves in French (Bonjour, Je m’appelle, Comment t’appelle-tu?)

We had a great day!



Week #1 is almost at a close and it’s been lovely getting to know all the wonderful personalities in the classroom.  We’ve been busy getting to know one another and establishing routines in the classroom.  It’s been a great start!

Thank you for subscribing to my classroom blog.  Here you will find all the important information about what is happening in the classroom and helpful reminders about school events, trips, etc.

Also, thank you for sending in the student information forms and including information which will help me understand your child as a learner.

This week we have begun our first math unit on Mental Math.  Students have been learning a variety of techniques to make addition and subtraction quick and easy.  We’ve reviewed some basic foundations in math including what are even numbers and practiced identifying what the next/previous even number comes after a number.  Eg:  What is the next even number after 36?  What is the even number before 48? We had a short quiz so I could gain some information on who has a solid understanding of these concepts.

In Language, we began choosing texts for independent reading at the beginning of each morning.  We’re working on reading “stamina”.  This means reading quietly, independently for a sustained amount of time.  We hope to increase this stamina as the year progresses.

The students also wrote letters to me telling me all about themselves.  We brainstormed the parts of a letter and all the necessary components and then practised including these in our own letters – also giving me a great indication of the variety of writing levels in the class.

BOOK WARS! – Our first read aloud will be the introductory book in our classroom”battle of the books”.  We are reading:


Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.41.29 PM

We will be reading “The One and Only Ivan” in class, but I have encouraged students to try to read the text on their own at home as part of their home reading program.  Students should be reading for a minimum of 1/2 hour each evening and this will be the major part of their homework requirements for the year.

How do the book wars work?  

Students are encouraged to read the book(s) being highlighted that month at home as home reading. We will discuss and rate the books in class.

How does my child obtain a copy of the book?  

I have chosen many award winning, readily available books.  I would encourage students to visit a public library, borrow from a friend, download an ebook from itunes or the public library, or purchase at Chapters.  I understand that purchasing books can become expensive and I will have a couple copies for loan of each title in the classroom.

Does my child have any homework to complete while reading the book?

I will post questions on the blog for students to answer from time to time and we will discuss in class the books at the end of each month.


You will be able to clearly track how many books your child reads during the school year by participating in our home reading program.  Also, of course, the improvement in reading fluency and comprehension.

Happy reading!