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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Medieval Times Trip Forms came home today.  Payment is online and please send in permission forms ASAP. Thanks!

Todays classroom Math work was a multiplication sheet.  Grade fours are working on 2 digit x 2 digit and Grade 5’s are multiplying decimals.


All students worked on summarizing texts today after our lesson and group activities and lots of modeling of answers.  Students learned that:

A SUMMARY is a short account of the central ideas of a text.

SUMMARIES are not a place for:

* opinions

* Background Knowledge

* personal information

How to Summarize:  Read the text. Don’t let the big words scare you.  Ask, “What was this text about”.

Your answer…..

* should be a complete sentence or two.

* should cover the main point and key ideas

* should be in your own words

* shouldn’t be just a word or two

Only major ideas and necessary information should go into a summary.  Students should ask themselves “Do I need this information to understand the text?”  If the answer is “yes”, they should put it into their own words in a summary.

Some students did not finish in class and brought it home for homework .


Monday, April 18th/16

Monday, April 18th/16


Lion King T-shirt orders due Wednesday

Earth Day Assembly Friday @10:30

Math Homework:  This multiplication work was worked on in class today. If your child did not finish it is for homework tonight.  Each student should check their answers with a calculator and find out where they went wrong.

Here it is:


I would recommend that your child be practicing their multiplication tables each night and memorizing them.  It’s so important that they have the answers at their fingertips.


Friday, April 8th

Friday, April 8th

Multiplication homework came home today to be completed over the weekend.  Due Monday.

Thank you to school council for hosting Hot Dog Day today!  Students were excited for the change from pizza.


Science Fair Information Sheet and Resource Page is due next Thursday.  This is Stage One of their project.  I look forward to seeing what all the young scientists in the class have come up with!

image image

For the past couple of days, we have been taking all of our learning from Social Studies and developing a plan to use our knowledge in our own communities positively.  Students have come up with a proposal for a community project.  Today, we worked on a formal letter to explain our proposal.  Ask your child all about it!

We’ve almost wrapped up our Geometry unit and we will be having a test Wednesday of next week.  I’ll send their books home early next week so they can study!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, March 21st- Friday, April 1st

Tuesday, March 21st- Friday, April 1st
Tuesday, March 21st- Friday, April 1st

We’ve had a busy week…..


Social Studies inquiry into Early Civilizations and First Nations / European Settlers. image image image image image

This week we investigated topics of interest within our units such as weaponry/ conflicts and resolutions , medicines to heal, prosthetics, jobs and communication.  Many big ideas came out of our discussions such as advances today in all of these areas.  One discussion led to the idea that the reason we do not have Knights today is because the weaponry during the medieval times became so advanced that it was able to penetrate the armor.  That led to the conversation…are the most technologically advanced civilizations the ones that are able to overtake another civilization? In the case of weaponry brought over by the European Settlers to North America, students were able to make that connection.  One group discussed how Benjamin Franklin modeled government after the First Nation traditions of government. Great discussions happening overall….


In Math we worked on our Geometry unit studying….types of angles, congruent shapes, parallel sides, properties of shapes (differences between a parallelogram and a rhombus).  I’ve added an assignment on this in Prodigy for anyone interested…

Visual Arts was very competitive today as students created an image to be used for one of the Lion King Musical Performance Days.



First Nations Homework

First Nations Homework

Image result for first nationsLast night, grade five students brought home some information about New France and transportation used for trade routes.  They were also asked to read some information that was attached in anticipation for their homework this weekend.  Thank you to those students who returned their work finished the next day.  Students who forgot to bring it in or did not complete may have a heavier workload this weekend unfortunately.

Task:  Using the reading material sent home, compare and contrast….

The Iroquoians and The Algonquians of  The Eastern Woodlands

Format:  Using a t-chart compare all aspects covered in the reading material looking for similarities and differences.


 Iroquoians  Algonquians
 Land use South of Lake Huron   North of Lake Superior and Huron
Some groups in Nova Scotia, PEI, NewBrunswick, Newfoundland

and more…

Work should be edited for neatness, proper conventions and spelling.  I look forward to seeing everyones work handed in on Monday please.