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Scientists in School

Scientists in School


Yesterday, grade fours and fives participated in workshops held by “Scientists in School”.  The grade fours experimented with light and sound and grade fives, The Human Body.  Unfortunately, I was unable to be at school due to a conference.  However, the feedback from the students and other teachers was that it was a positive day.  Talk to your child about what they learned!


Coming home…

Coming home…

Today I sent home the students assessment duotangs with a diagnostic assessment done in class today on multiplication.  Students were given 20minutes to complete both sides of the Easter multiplication worksheet.  I was looking to see where my students are at with their recall of facts.  This is not an assessment….only a starting point.  We will be completing daily drills of basic math facts in addition to our regular math units.  Currently, we are still learning about geometry.  Please sign todays assessment and return tomorrow.  I have asked students to work on the facts to the best of their abilities as homework for tonight.

I hope everyone had a wonderful march break.  It was great to get caught up with all my students today and hear all about their March Break activities.

Wednesday, March 3rd

Wednesday, March 3rd

Whats happening………

Students listened to the school speech competition on Tuesday with great interest.  Students from our class, Laiken Bell, Lucas Scott, Taylor Clark and Sienna Hargreaves represented the grade four/fives from our class well.  I’m very pleased with all of the student speeches and as you can imagine, I had a very difficult time choosing only two representatives from each grade.  The student moving onto the family of schools competition will be Chloe Braun, Grade 6.  Congratulations to all.

Presently, we have begun our new social studies units :

Grade 4: Early Civilizations

Big Idea:   What are the most significant differences between societies of the past and Canadian society?

5: First Nation and European Settlers

Big Idea: What were some consequences of the First Nations and European explorers interacting? How was cooperation and conflict part of their relationship?

We have one over arching idea that ties both grade studies together:

By studying the past, we can better understand the present.

Today we watched this video and thought about the uses for Charcoal, what materials would be necessary to make these items, how does this information relate to us today?  The students shared their knowledge and we had an excellent discussion.  Talk to your child about what they learned.  Also, don’t be surprised when they ask you if they can basket weave or make hatchets 🙂

 Video Link:     Making charcoal, baskets, & stone hatchets – Primitive Technology

In Math, we are beginning our new unit on Geometry:

Properties of shapes and triangles

Types of Angles

Congruent Figures



Measuring Angles

Watch the episode titled “Playing The Angles” :