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Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Our Secret Santa gift exchange will take place this Friday, first thing in the morning.  If you could send in your childs secret santa gift wrapped, with a ” To: ………… From: Your Secret Santa”  tag on it before Thursday, that would be wonderful.  If you are unable to participate in this exchange, please send in a note so I can purchase a gift for the student your child has so they are not left out.

Our class celebration will consist of a “GART” day – Games and Art! If your child would like to bring in their favourite board game or art kit to share, please do!


December 14th-December 18th

December 14th-December 18th

Monday, December 14th- Day 3

* rehearsal for play Bk #2

* Phys-Ed

Tuesday, December 15th – Day 4

* Strings 11am

Wednesday, December 16th – Day 5

* deadline for milk orders

* popcorn break #2

* “The Best Gift Ever”, holiday performance – 2:00pm

* phys-ed

Thursday, December 17th – Day 1

* Pizza

* Junior Choir – Break #2

* Secret Santa Gifts due today!

Friday, December 18th – Day 2

* Secret Santa Gift Exchange

* Holiday Celebrations :  students may bring in treats that are nut  free

* December Awards Assembly 2:40pm

Hour of Code is here…

Hour of Code is here…

4/5L will be participating in the hour of code tomorrow, December 9th along with countless other students around the globe.  Today we prepared for this event by watching some inspirational videos and welcoming Shane Allen, a computer programming student at The University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

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Shane introduced the students to coding and had them write some simple code to play a card game.  The students were so excited to hear about his background and what his future goals were.

Tomorrow we will be coding for one hour on :





build-a-bear-santaSecret Santa is happening in our classroom this holiday season.  Here are all the details:

Gifts sent into class by: December 16th or earlier.  If you are unable to send in a gift, please send in a quick note so I can make other arrangements.

Date of exchange:  December 18th , the last day of school before the holidays.

Monetary Limit:  $5 – gifts can be home made or dollar store items.  Please no food items.

Each student has been given the name of who they need to buy for.  We wrote these down and put them into our backpacks.  If your child forgets, I have a list.

This is just a nice time of the year to think of someone else!


Loose Parts

Loose Parts

Have you ever heard of the theory of loose parts?

It was first proposed back in the 1970’s by architect Simon Nicholson, who believed that it is the loose parts in our environment that empower our creativity.

Our class collected and experimented with creating art with loose parts last week.  They collaborated and negotiated their way to create some imaginative pieces: