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November 30th – December 4th

November 30th – December 4th

Cyber Monday, November 30th – Day 3

* Phys-Ed

* Pita Pit Lunch

* Send in any containers which resemble a house (milk, juice, cream..)

* started mind maps

Tuesday, December 1st – Day 4

* New Strings time begins 11-12

Wednesday, December 2nd – Day 5

* Bus Safety presentation

* phys-ed – volleyball is our focus right now

Thursday, December 3rd – Day 1

* Drama/Dance with Mrs. Crocker

* Girls Volleyball Tournament


* Junior choir – NB #2

* Junior Choir sings at Ancaster’s tree lighting ceremony 5:45-8:00

Friday, December 4th – Day 2

* Boys Volleyball Tournament



* This week, our language will focus on our Science topics of  Rocks and Minerals (4) and Conservation of Energy (5).  We are learning how to research and record our findings using “Mind Maps”.  See the video link below to learn more….

The grade 4’s are asking:  What is a rock?  What is a mineral?

The grade 5’s are asking:  What is energy?  What are different types/forms of energy?


How to mind map!

How to mind map!

Our focus and resources available...

Our focus and resources available…


Books and articles….



Classroom literacy texts….

Rocks and Minerals website

Conservation of Energy Website

Social Studies Unit Completed!

Social Studies Unit Completed!

We finished up the last of our social studies presentations today.  The students worked diligently for two weeks in class completing research, making notes, writing drafts and final published products that they were proud of.  There were presentation boards and slideshows all exhibiting their hard work.  We’ll move onto Science now and our focus will be in the area of  ” Understanding Earth and Space Systems”

Grade 4:  Rocks and Minerals

Grade 5: Conservation of Energy & Resources

Take a peek…

image image image image image

November 23rd – November 28th

November 23rd – November 28th

It’s hard to believe November is coming to an end!  Welcome December….

Monday, November 23rd- Day 4

* beginning our new math unit on Data Management

* visual arts  – comic book art around the theme of “acceptance”

* finishing up Social studies presentations

* last day for pizza orders

Tuesday, November 24th – Day 5

* Chapters Night 6:30-8:00pm

*Junior Choir – Break #1

* phys-ed

Wednesday, November 25th – Day 1

* Popcorn day

Thursday, November 26th – Day 2

* Pizza Day

* Spirit Day – Canadian Pride – show your continued appreciation for our Veterans and wear your Canadian gear! (please no complete face painting – a small symbol is fine)

* last day for Milk orders

* awards assembly 2:40

* Parent Teacher Interviews

Friday, November 27th – Day 3

* P.A. Day – no school

* parent teacher interviews



Progress Report Interview Times

Progress Report Interview Times

Progress Report interview days this year will be on Thursday, November 26th from 4pm to 6pm and Friday, November 27th from 9am-12pm.   I look forward to sharing with you the progress your child has made so far in grades four and five.  Interviews in the Junior grades are ten minutes in length due to the greater class size.  Of course, if we need to continue our conversations after ten minutes, we can do so another time.

Please sign up for a time that works for you through this link.

Progress Report Interview Schedule 4/5L – 2015

Learning Skills

Learning Skills

Math Test Thursday

Math Test Thursday

Students should be skilled and competent in the following areas.  They can review their binders and all the work we have completed in each of these areas:

*Place value of a digit (gr.4 to thousands, gr. 5 to ten thousand)

* writing numerals from number words

* writing number words from numerals

* writing the number represented by the picture (base ten blocks)

* writing in expanded form

* representing numbers as base ten blocks

*identifying the larger number from base ten blocks and numerals

*regrouping (ie: exchanging 10 tens for 1 hundred, 10 hundreds for one thousand, 1 ten for 10 ones )

* adding with regrouping (carrying)

* subtraction with regrouping (borrowing)

* number word problems with the “think plan solve” organizer


For extra practise at home try Nelson Math.  I always like this for an independant study practise as students will get instant feedback on how they did.

Grade 4:

Grade 5:

For the rest of the week, I will be conferencing with students on any weak areas and we will be practising our subtraction and addition with regrouping ( especially across zeros).


Social Studies Inquiry Writing

Social Studies Inquiry Writing

We are continuing to research our social studies topics and the students are in the final stages of writing their good copies.  We spent last week researching and taking notes through point form.  Most students also had the opportunity to write their rough copies of their writing pieces.  Most pieces were 1-2 pages in length and contained the answers to their questions such as:

What are industries doing to replace the resources they are taking out of our natural landscape? (4)

How has the natural landscape of  Canada affected the development of industry(4)?

What is the difference between a province and a territory? (4)

Who are the leaders in each level of government? (5)

What are the roles and levels of Canadas court systems?(5)


It would  be beneficial to have a discussion at home about their topic and at what stage they are at in the writing process. On Friday, we will be sharing all of our learning with others.


A Virtual Visit

A Virtual Visit

Tomorrow at approximately 9:30am, we will be Skyping with the Mayor of Hamilton, Fred Eisenberger. Since our social studies topics have been based around Government (Grade 5) and regions in Canada and Canadian Industry, we have many questions for the Mayor.  Not only will we be asking him some off topic questions that the students had such as:  Do you have any pets?  Do you feel powerful being the mayor?  We will more importantly ask him some questions the students brainstormed today.  image image image image

It should be a great morning with some real world learning coming into our classroom through technology!

November 16th-20th

November 16th-20th

Monday, November 16th- day 4

* HWDSB Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

* working on finishing our writing pieces on our social studies inquiries

*read to self time – working on listening to books on Raz kids

*pita pit lunch

* Math homework for some students who did not finish the Math page on subtracting across zero with regrouping (borrowing)

Tuesday, November 17th – Day 5

* Boys VBall game

* today we SKYPE with the Mayor of Hamilton – Fred Eisenberger @ 9:30


* Math Review on blog

Wednesday, November 18th – Day 1

* Popcorn Day

*Study for Math Test

Thursday, November 19th – Day 2

* Math Test ( place value, representing numbers, regrouping)

* bullying prevention assembly

Friday, November 20th – Day 3

* Social Studies wrap up Day! Sharing presentations and inquiry findings.