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First Week Fabulousness!

First Week Fabulousness!

We had an amazing first week in 4/5L. We had many opportunities to learn about one another and I had the opportunity to observe my students strengths and areas for improvement .

We began our first math unit on patterning, talked about some reading strategies to aid our comprehension and finished our very first art project . Some students will be bringing these home to finish before Monday. Some sample work from other students is below. I’m looking for stacked letters of their names and the use of a variety of lines to fill in the spaces. Please send their completed projects in on Monday .






Have a great weekend!



imagesA warm welcome to all my students for the 2015/2016 school year.  I’m very eager to begin  teaching my lovely class of thirty one grade fours and fives and watch them grow as the year progresses.

We had a wonderful first two days in 4/5L getting to know one another and catching up on our summer vacation experiences.  The students are just getting into their new classroom routines and expectations well.

A couple of reminders to send your child to school with indoor shoes and  proper gym attire on days three and five.  Thank you for sending in binders with dividers, USB sticks and earbuds on the first few days.

A word about agendas:  A few students purchased agendas at the end of the school year last year.  Traditionally, I rely on the blog to communicate information to students and parents and if I need to send home a note I do that separately from an agenda.  If your child wishes to use their agenda to organize themselves, I suggest they visit this blog and take a look at the “week ahead” at the beginning of the week. Its also a great tool for setting personal goals!  They will not need their agenda at school.

Also, a big thank you for all of your contributions to the classroom supplies!  We are well stocked up on pencils, pencil crayons, kleenex, ziploc bags and Clorox wipes!

I look forward to meeting all of you and hope your child had a wonderful first few days of grades four/five!