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Math Drills

Math Drills

Today we had a times math drill on multiplication 0-5. Students were given 3 minutes to complete as many questions as they could. These are being brought home and may be used as homework for any unfinished questions. These do not need to be returned to school.


Tomorrow we will have another, to challenge ourselves to improve on the tables from 0-6. Again, this will be sent home.

Also important to note that prodigy math is also an option to practise those multiplication and division skills.




May 25th – May 29th

May 25th – May 29th

Busy week here in 3/4L. We kicked off the week with our grade four numbers quiz and these have been sent home for your viewing.  They do not need to be returned to class.  Thank you to those parents who volunteered on last week’s Mulan trip. The students enjoyed seeing some former Rousseau students perform.

Here’s what we are working on this week:

* Grade Three Narrative writing – we will be taking our initial piece of writing and work on bumping it up! Along with this is a review of the use of quotation marks to include in our narratives.

* Grade Fours are plugging away at disecting and gaining a deeper understanding of their literature circle books.  We will be sharing our understanding of our texts this week with our classmates.  Their writing component always involves visualizing, retelling, making connections and understanding difficult vocabulary.

* We have been working on multiplication and division this week, showing arrays or groups of and demonstrating strategies in multiplication and repeated addition.  Grade fours have been learning the standard algorithm for multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit.

*In Social Studies, students have shared all of their brochures and are working on a brochure scavenger hunt to really dig deep for information from others.

* Visual Arts – we have finished our fun fair classroom collaboration and the students are really excited to share it with all of you.

Monday, May 25th – Day 1

*Pita Pit

* Any donations for Cystic Fibrosis are Welcome.

Tuesday, May 26th – Day 2

* Please remember to wear outdoor shoes and appropriate clothing for the hot temperatures this week.

Wednesday, May 27th – Day 3


* Junior Choir

* please read the school boards policy on student dress code:

From Our Code of Conduct

Thursday, May 28th – Day 4

* Pizza Day

* Twin Day ( Assembly 2:40) – Dress up with a partner as Twins!

Friday, May 29th – Day 5

*Rousseau Track and Field Meet ( all day) – running shoes and athletic clothing is suggested for today’s activities ( hat, shorts, t-shirt).  Some students also like to bring a blanket to sit on outside to share with friends and eat on during down times.


French Quiz Coming Home

French Quiz Coming Home

Grade four students will be bringing home their French quiz on numbers 1-10 today. This week, we will be moving onto numbers 1-20. Students will be tested on their understanding and spelling of numbers some time early next week so they should be prepared for that. We are doing lots of practice at school , however, here’s a fun link to practice with at home:



Tuesday, May 19th-Friday, May 20th

Tuesday, May 19th-Friday, May 20th


Good morning 3/4L.  I hope everyone enjoyed the summer weather over the long weekend and we’re ready for a busy week of learning.  This week, the students will be finishing up their social studies units with a presentation of brochures.  We will be wrapping up our measurment unit with summative task on Mass and Capacity and moving onto multiplication and division.  In Language, the grade fours will continue to think about their literature circle novels and plan out the organization of their novels on large chart paper to share with their peers. The grade threes are doing the same with some of the stories they are reading.  We will then move onto narrative writing of our own.  In French, we finished up our learning about giving directions and are moving onto what are they wearing (Qu’est-ce qu’ils portent?)? We will also be learning the numbers to 20 this week. In visual arts, we will be working on a collage project that may be submitted into the fun fair for all to purchase$$$

Grade Four students will be travelling to ASPS tomorrow to see Mulan, the musical.  Thank you to Mrs. Bladon, Mrs. McNabney, Mrs. Strecker, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Hibbs for volunteering to supervise on this excursion.  We look forward to a great morning.

Here’s the week:

Tuesday, May 19th – Day 2:

* Pita Pit

* Good News Calls Day

* Math Homework Coming home (x tables 0-2)

Wednesday, May 20th – Day 3:

* Popcorn

*ASPS performance of Mulan (Gr.4)

* Math Homework coming home (x tables 3-5)

Thursday, May 21st – Day 4:


* Math Homework coming home (x tables 6-8)

Friday, May 22nd – Day 5: 

* Grade Four French Numbers Quiz (1-20)

* Math Homework coming home (x tables 9-11)

Today’s news

Today’s news

Just a reminder to grade four students that tomorrow is the last day to bring in your Mulan trip forms and $.

Also today math retake tests were given back. Please return them to school signed. Some students still need to return their original math tests signed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Math Tests

Math Tests

Students did a great job on their tests today and tests went home tonight. Those students wishing to complete a retest can do so on Tuesday. Please sign your child’s test and send it in on Monday .

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of 3/4L. Enjoy your weekend!!



Busy day in 3/4L. We looked at what a decimetre is in grade 4 and did a lot of practise with this concept. As well, we did a thorough review in area and perimeter for Thursdays test. Grade threes began their math reviews to be continued at home and grade four reviews will be sent home. I suggest they take 2 evenings to complete the reviews if needed . Test Thursday .

We also worked on language open response review(3) and literature circles (4)- students are to complete any unfinished work at home. Social studies projects are almost complete and we hope to be able to showcase these at Thursdays open house.

Reminder that favourite snack packages should be sent in tomorrow as well as signed math tests and grade 4 French assessment sent home .

Have a great night!

Coming home…..

Coming home…..

Some students alerted me to the fact that they had not received their final speech marks. I was under the impression that they had, so today their marks will be coming home.

Math tests are also coming home and I would ask that you please return them signed.

A few grade four students are still needing to return their French presentation project marks signed as well. If those could come in quickly – great!

Monday, May 4th – Friday, May 8th

Monday, May 4th – Friday, May 8th

Monday, May 4th-Day 2

* Pita Pit Monday

* Music Monday (assembly in the gym) – 11:33 – 12:30 (approx.)

* Please bring in your favourite snack wrappers/ packaging/box (1 per student), with the nutritional information showing.

Tuesday, May 5th- Day 3

*BOKS program

* Math Review coming home to prepare for test ( also note that students should be referring to the study notes that came home last week).

Wednesday, May 6th- Day 4

* Popcorn $2

Thursday, May 7th- Day 5

*Pizza Day

* Math Test (area and perimeter)

* Spring Open House – Come by the classroom between 6:00 and 7:00 for a visit

Friday, May 8th – Day 1

* Happy Weekend