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Math Homework

Math Homework

A couple items came home tonight. The grade four French assessments for their last project – Mon Vacances Virtuel . A job well done from all!!

Also a math review on area and perimeter to take a look at before next weeks test ( day tbd) and a math page to complete for tomorrow and brought back.

Have a great night!




*These are the grade three and four pages.



We have started our new Math unit this week on Measurement.  The students were given a quick review of previous concepts and introduced to the units of measurement: KM, M, CM and MM.

They asked some interesting questions as part of an inquiry such as:  What would the length of all the teachers at Rousseau be stacked on top of one another? How long are the East and West wings of the school combined?  What is the distance around Rousseau School?  What is the length of my teachers foot compared to other teachers?

We also worked on some conversion of units this week which we are continuing with.  Next week, we will be moving onto Area and Perimeter!

Have a great spring weekend.

Tuesday, April 7th – Friday, April 10th

Tuesday, April 7th – Friday, April 10th

I hope all grade 3/4 students had a wonderful Easter holiday.  We have a busy week ahead working on procedural writing, Literature circles, reading response questions and more.  Our math unit on Money will be wrapping up with a test on Friday and a review sent home on Wednesday.  Please have your child complete the review to ensure all concepts are understood.

Donations are needed for Kleenex and Lysol wipes if anyone is willing to send these in – they would be much appreciated! Also, our fields are extremely muddy so its always a good idea to pack some extra clothing for unfortunate slips into the mud.  As always, indoor shoes please.  It’s really uncomfortable to sit on a muddy carpet.

Monday, April 6th –  Holiday

Tuesday, April 7th – Day 3

*BOKS Begins (8a.m. ) – for those grade three students involved

* Gym

* Pita Pit Tuesdays

Wednesday, April 8th – Day 4

*HWDSB Day of Pink!  Wear pink today to support our Peaceful Schools Initiative.

* Math money review coming home

Thursday, April 9th – Day 5

* BOKS (8a.m.) – for those grade three students involved

* Popcorn

* Junior Choir

*Phys-Ed (Rocks and Rings Presentation)

Friday, April 10th – Day 1


* Grade 3/4 Math Test (Money)