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Hello Again….

Hello Again….

Dear Parents,
I’m so happy to announce that I’ve returned to school and back to working with all of your wonderful children again! Their warm welcome just made my day last Wednesday. Thank you for all of your well wishes and patience these past few months with all of the changes happening in 3/4L.

Here’s what’s happening now:

The grade three students are finishing up a study on inferencing and predicting in literature as well as reviewing word study topics that have been taught throughout the year.

The grade fours are beginning a new cycle of literature circles with some really engaging texts:





They will be working independently to read, visualize , inference, ask rich questions and analyze their texts. They will share all of this with their circle. I look forward to some great discussions.

In Math, students will be working with money amounts to $10 ( grade three) and $100 (grade four). We will be identifying, adding/subtracting and completing word problems using money.

We would also like to welcome Mrs. Sinke, who will be with us in the afternoons until I can return full time. She will be teaching the new social study units of urban/rural communities in Ontario(3), and Regions of Canada(4), as well as visual arts and DPA.

Happy Spring!