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Plurals/Compound Word Test – Grade 3

Plurals/Compound Word Test – Grade 3

We’ve become experts at making a word mean more than one!

man = men

wife = wives

boy = boys

loaf = loaves

party = parties

brush = brushes

(adding -es, – ies, -ves, s)

These are some of the words we have been practicing in school and many more! Tomorrow we will put our skills to the test with a small word study quiz.  We will also be tested on compound words.  The test will ask students to change a word into a plural (sometimes within a sentence).  We will also try and match up individual words to make compound words.  Here’s a few fun links to practice if they feel they need it!

Plurals Practice

Compound Words Practice

Good luck and have fun!


Recipe Presentations Criteria

Recipe Presentations Criteria

Tomorrow the grade four students will be presenting their recipes. They needed to use the vocabulary (nouns and verbs) to present a simple recipe. Many students took a recipe and broke it down into the simplest form. Today students were asked to listen and learn how to pronounce their vocabulary on a voice recording on the iPads. Here’s what I will be looking for:

*a good copy of their recipe in a recipe format – including a title.
* ingredients and directions
*proper pronunciation
*bring in baking if you want to.

Here’s the vocabulary again!


Grade 4 French Focus:

Grade 4 French Focus:

In French, grade four students are finishing up their recipes- les recettes and they will be reading them on Friday to the class. If they wish to bake their recipes they may, but this is not mandatory. The baking will be sent home for students to enjoy.

We have also begun asking:
qui sont-ils? Who are they. This is the chart we are working from and students will be asked to introduce one of their friends next week.


November 24th – November 28th

November 24th – November 28th

Happy Monday 3/4L.  This weeks writing focus will be descriptive writing, using rich adjectives to describe what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste.  In reading, we will be focused on reading texts which are in line with our new social studies units:  Grade 3:  Early Settlement and Grade 4: Ancient Civilizations.  We will begin our new Math topic: Data Management for 3 and 4.  For at home practice, homework will come home two days this week, however, Prodigy Math is always an option for extra reinforcement of concepts. Please ensure that your child is logging into their school account and not a personal account of their own.  This way, their work on prodigy will mirror what is happening in the classroom.  I resent their username and passwords home on Friday of last week.

Monday, November 24th – Day 2

* Pita Pit

* Primary/Junior Choir – NB#2

* Math Tests coming home:  Please sign and return promptly.

* Bring in your mailbag

Tuesday, November 25th – Day 3

*Primary – NB#1

* Junior Choir – NB #2

* Chapters Family Night – 6pm-8pm

* Bring in your mailbag

Wednesdy, November 26th – Day 3

*NB #2 – Popcorn

* Math Homework Coming Home

* Bring in your mailbag

Thursday, November 27th – Day 4

* Pizza Day

* Math Homework Coming Home

* Bring in your mailbag

* 2:40 Good News Assembly:  This months good news awards go to – Sienna Hargreaves, Chaim Evans, Laiken Bell and Maya McNabney.  Congratulations to these students for their excellent efforts.

Friday, November 28th – Day 5

* Plurals and compound words quiz – Grade Three

* Bring in your mailbag


Math Homework

Math Homework

Dear parents,

Throughout the week, I would like the students to practise their math skills at home using prodigy math.  Its an engaging and fun way to refine math skills and I promise you will get no complaints for completing homework.  If you remember, I have already sent home their login username and password.  I have assigned the students content within this game which is reflective of our learning in the classroom!

olaf-hi.jpgProdigy Math Link

November 17th-21st

November 17th-21st

This weeks learning focus for grade 3/4 students in language will be descriptive paragraphs in writing.  In reading will be making connections and literature circles for grade fours.  In math, we will be wrapping up our mental math unit and continuing with addition and subtraction with regrouping.  This week, we will begin our next Social Studies units – Grade 3: Early Settlement, Grade 4: Ancient Civilizations.

In case you haven’t already done so, please fill in the google doc for an interview time regarding progress reports.  Please see the previous post, titled “Progress Report Interviews”.  I look forward to connecting around your child’s progress this week or next.

Monday, November 17th – Day 2

* Word Study – Compound Words ( We practised plurals last week)

*NB#1 Primary Choir

*NB #2 Junior Choir

* Please bring your mail bag

* Pita Pit Lunch

Tuesday, November 18th – Day 3

* Progress Reports coming home – Please return signed portion, including envelopes.

* Please bring your mail bag

Wednesday, November 19th – Day 4

* Popcorn Day $2

*NB #2 Primary and Junior Choir

Thursday, November 20th – Day 5

* Pizza Day

* Math Test – Mental Math and Addition/Subtraction with regrouping

Friday, November 21st – Day 1

* PA Day – no school – Parent/Teacher Interviews Scheduled