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Monday, October 27th – Friday, October 31st

Monday, October 27th – Friday, October 31st


Monday, October 27th – Day 3

*Phys – Ed

*School Council Sponsored Coat Drive.

Please bring in gently used winter outerwear. There are tables set up in “The Hub” for donated items. It runs all week!

*NB #1 – Pita Pit

* Orange and Black Day on Wednesday

Reminder: Please bring your mailbag every day

Tuesday, October 28th – Day 4

* NB 1 – Boys Gr. 4/5 Volleyball Practice

*NB – 2 – Girls Gr. 4/5 Volleyball Practice

* Orange and Black Day tomorrow – Don’t forget to donate an item to the food bank

* NB 2 – Book Club Meeting in “The Hub”

* Swim Team Practice

Reminder: Please bring your mailbag every day

Wednesday, October 29th – Day 5

* Orange and Black Spirit Day

* Good News Assembly 2:40 – This months good news awards go to Sally Steinberg, Lucas Scott, Michael Matijasich and Taylor Clark

*popcorn $2

Reminder: Please bring your mailbag every day

Thursday,  October 30th – Day 1

* Pizza Day

*NB #2 Junior Choir (this week only on Thursday)

Reminder: Please bring your mailbag every day

Frightday, October 31st – Day 2

* Halloween Parade 2:00pm

* 9:15-10:50 pumpkin extravaganza

* due: Spirit Wear Orders

*NB #2 – Primary Choir

* Our class will be celebrating Halloween after the parade.  Because it is a Nutrition Free day, nut-free treats are welcome.  Please follow up on our classroom discussion with your child about making the appropriate choices to avoid over consumption of treats.

Reminder: Please bring your mailbag every day


Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Students had a nice afternoon exploring “Sunset Forest” just off the trail. We examined plants/soils as well as rocks/minerals. Our field studies revealed a wealth of information and weather wise we couldn’t have asked for a better fall day!









Thank you to our parent volunteers Mrs. Carline and Mrs. Emo.

Halloween Parade – by Karson Cassidy

Halloween Parade – by Karson Cassidy

On October 31st there is going to be a Halloween parade for grades kindergarten 1-6 its when you bring your costume and a treat for everyone and you need to be ”patient” until 2nd break and then you start dressing up for the parade and then you go through classrooms and people will be surprised what your going to be you can be scary or funny its your choice.And after the parade you eat the treats and dance to a song if your done eating or watch a movie with your class.And then you say goodbye to your friends or say have a good weekend and then go home and be ”patient” again and wait until 6:30 and start ”trick  or treating!”

Madame Semaines (french) By: Maya

Madame Semaines (french) By: Maya

In french the grade 4’s are learning a song called: Madam Semaines and the song goes like this:

Madame semaines a sept enfants, sept enfants, sept enfants. Madam semaines a sept enfants, bien sage, bien sage! 

Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Samedi Dimanche!

English:Madam Semaines has 7 children, 7 children,7 children. 

Madam Semaines has 7 children well behaved well behaved.

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by: Maya McNabney 

our nature walk by: Ada N.

our nature walk by: Ada N.

On Thursday 3/4L went on our nature walk to sunset forest. The grade 3’s were discovering plants and soils, and the grade 4’s were discovering rocks and minerals. We found some really cool interesting stuff! We found a bushel of poison berries on a big bush by the trees. We also found clay, minerals and Maya found a rock with a carving of a flower in it! Lauren and Sienna found a GIANT tree root with lots of roots on top that haven’t caved in on the animal home! Callum found erosion at the bottom of a river. Erosion is where rocks crack from the waters current. Some day you should go to sunset forest too!

October 13th-18th

October 13th-18th

Monday, October 13th 


Tuesday, October 14th- Day 4

* Grade Three Word Study Topic:  Using Adjectives in their writing to spice up their ideas!

* Rousseau Swim Practice – leaving school at 2:30pm

* Any grade 4-6 students interested in joining a Book Club meet in the “Hub” at Nutrition Break #1 – Bring your lunch.

Wednesday, October 15th – Day 5

* Gr. 4 Literature Circle Work Due

* Nutcracker Forms Due

* Junior Choir – Break 2


* Phys-Ed

Thursday, October 16th – Day 1

* Big Kid Production of “Cinderella and the Frog Prince”


* Trail Walk (Weather Permitting) @ 2:00 – 3:00pm-  Plants, Soil and Rocks/Minerals Investigations – Any parents available to volunteer to be with a group for this activity please email:

Friday, October 17th – Day 2

* Primary Choir – Break 2

* Gr. 4 Literature Circle Work Due

* Phys-Ed

* Grade 3/4 Math Test on Patterning

October 6th-10th

October 6th-10th

Monday, October 6th – Day 4

* Cross Country Meet – students will be gone for most of the day today to participate in some cross country running.  Students remaining will be in Mr. Obermeyers class.

Tuesday, October 7th – Day 5

* Phys-Ed

* remember Chef a L’ecole forms

* grade four literature circles work sent home if not completed in class and math if not completed

* Grade 3 math sent home if not completed on number patterns (remind your child to look for the gap between numbers).

*6:30-8:00 – Parent Police Presentation in the Hub

Wednesday, October 8th – Day 1

* Grade 4 – literature circles work due

* first Swim Team Practice (leaving school at 2:30.  Returning approximately 4:20)


* Nutrition Break #2 – Junior Choir practice

Thursday, October 9th – Day 2

* Chef a L’ecole program for grade fours (thank you to those parents who volunteered.)

* Pizza Day

Friday, October 10th – Day 3

* grade three word study quiz on nouns, verbs and adjectives