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C’est Octobre…..

C’est Octobre…..

In French, the grade four students are learning about some October vocabulary!

C’est Octobre….Je dis….

Bonjour l’automne 

Bonjour les temps froids

Bonjour les citrouilles et les costumes

Bonjour monsieur epouvantail

Bonjour les dindons!

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 29th – Day 4

* milk orders begin

* new math unit: number patterns

* word study tests coming home – please get signed

Tuesday, September 30th- Day 1

* Math tests coming home – please sign and return

* Cross country forms came home today

* Grade four permission forms for “Le Chef a l’ecole” came home today.  Please return asap

Wednesday, October 1st – Day 2

* Grade 4 Literature Circles reading homework – Due Friday – please return ALL materials each day as we will be working on this daily.

Thursday, October 2nd – Day 3

*DUE: RSVPs for Internet Safety Parent Presentation

* Popcorn Break #2 – $2

* Break #2 – Junior Choir practice


Friday, October 3rd – Day 4

* Happy Friday!


September 22nd – September 26th

September 22nd – September 26th

Monday, September 22nd – Day 4

* Volleyball team meeting (grades 4+ – boys and girls)  – Break #2

* SUBSCRIBE to our blog – see the subscribe button on the right side of the blog!

* Pizza Orders Due

Tuesday, September 23rd – Day 5

* NB #2 Grades 4/5 volleyball tryouts

Wednesday, September 24th – Day 1

*Terry Fox Run 2-2:30 – please arrive prepared for outdoor play

*Nutrition break #2 Swim Team Information Meeting

Thursday, September 25th – Day 2

*nb #1 first pizza day

Friday, September 26th – Day 3

*nb #2 – Grade 4/5 Volleyball

* First Math Test on Place Value – Students have reviewed material in class and have been prepared. You can take a look at the types of questions which will be covered,  here:

Grade 3 Review – Lessons 1,2,5 – Chapter 2 Numeration

Grade 4 Review – Lessons 1,2,3,4 – Chapter 2 Numeration



Math Test Update

Math Test Update

Many students were absent this week so I feel we need more time to ensure everyone is understanding key concepts.  The Math test has been postponed until next week.

I would also remind those who have not returned their word study tests signed, with fix-ups made to do so by tomorrow so I can add our test for week.  Thank you!

Long Vowels

Long Vowels

This week will will focus on remembering all the long vowel sounds and combinations of letters which make these sounds:

a_e                       ee                     i_e

ai                          ea

ay                         u_e

Grade 3:             came, made, main, Friday, shape, tray, agree, meal, deal, used

Grade 4:             maybe, lately, paint, playground, able, trail, acorn, flavour, ancient, label

Our first word study quiz will be sent home on Monday.  Please return this quiz to school, signed and I ask that the students have made their corrections in the “fix-it” section of the quiz.

Note that marks are deducted for the InCorRecT use of upper and lower case letters and the students are aware that special attention needs to be given to this.


September 15th – September 18th

September 15th – September 18th

Monday, September 15th – Day 5

* new word study words (long vowels)

* fire drill 10:10 am

* please remember to send in any information forms that have not been sent in

* walking trip forms coming home today – please return asap – *** Please note that trip forms have NOT been sent home.  Our school photocopier has broken.  Hopefully it will be up and running soon and I can get them out!

Tuesday, September 16th – Day 1

* Fire Drill #2 (p.m.)

Wednesday, September 17th – Day 2

* Review place value math for first quiz tomorrow (see Math category on blog for review)

Thursday, September 18th – Day 3

*Math quiz on Place Value

*no word study quiz today

* PA Day tomorrow – no school for kiddies!