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Jumbo Freezies

Jumbo Freezies

This Friday May 30th,  students will be able to buy Jumbo Freezies as part of a student council initiative. The costs are $1 for a full one or 50 cents for half of one. Please send money in on Friday with your child if they are interested in purchasing.  A nice way to end our week of EQAO and celebrate the Rousseau Track and Field meet.  

Fun Fair Basket Raffle

Fun Fair Basket Raffle

Part of this year’s fun fair is a basket raffle which all  the students enjoy.  All the classes at Rousseau participate in donating items for each of the baskets and this year our grade three theme is “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, while “Sports and Entertainment” is the theme for the grade fours.  For more information click on the link below and let’s all donate an item to make our Fun Fair money raising efforts a success.

Fun Fair Basket Information



May 26th – May30th

May 26th – May30th

First day of EQAO – DONE!! The students did well applying all their knowledge to the tasks given.  Congratulations Grade Three’s! Busy week ahead, please take a look:

Monday, May 26th – Day 5

* Rousseau Fun Fair Notes coming home – please watch for these.  Your ticket and food order forms are included in these.

* Day 1 of EQAO

* Please bring your water bottles to school filled (especially grade 3’s)

Tuesday, May 27th – Day 1

* Gym – please bring appropriate footwear to school

* Day 2 of EQAO

Wednesday, May 28th – Day 2

*Gym – please bring appropriate footwear for activity

* Popcorn day

* Day 3 of EQAO

Thursday, May 29th – Day 3

* Pizza Day

* Last day of EQAO

Friday, May 30th – Day 4

* Rousseau Track and Field Meet – please be dressed for being outdoors for most of the day – sunscreen, sunhat, running shoes, water bottle, blanket to sit on.



Next Week…..

Next Week…..

On Monday, our Grade three students will begin writing the Provincial Assessment in Reading and Writing.  They are prepared and confident and I am sure we will put our best effort forward.  Please make sure your child arrives on time to minimize disruptions,  well fed and with a water bottle on Monday to keep on their desks.  Thank you for your help!


Multiplication Tables

Multiplication Tables

Parents, I am sending home a sheet of multiplication tables with the students today.  Every other day we are completing 5 minute math drills to improve the students multiplication recall.  By memorizing their times tables each night, this will help them when they move on to x by double digits and division in future grades.  I would like them to take one table each night and try to memorize.  We have already worked on  the 0,1, and 2 tables and that quiz is coming home tonight!  On Friday, we will have a drill for the 3 and 4 times tables. We will then continue with our focus of measuring length, area and perimeter.

Click here to play some multiplication games for an extra challenge

EQAO Testing

EQAO Testing

EQAO testing is fast approaching for the GRADE 3 & 6 students.  Here are some answers to a couple of questions that you may have surrounding the assessment.

WHEN IS EQAO? On Monday, May 26th, your child will be participating in EQAO provincial testing.  The students will be writing the test for a period of four days, where they will be assessed on their Language (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics skills.

Mon, May 26th: Language 1A – AM

Tues, May 27th: Language 1B – AM

Wed, May 28th: Language 2C – AM & Math 1 – PM

Thurs, May 29th: Language 2D – AM & Math 2 – PM


Mon, June 2 & Tues, June 3 = EQAO make up sessions due to absences

Is My Child Prepared? The grade three students at Rousseau have been preparing for the test since September through our daily teaching, as they learn the Grade Three Ontario Curriculum.  We have also been looking at previous EQAO tests and learning multiple choice strategies to complete multiple choice questions.  We frequently examine our work and “Bump It Up”!  We are encouraging our students to read the questions carefully, apply all the strategies they have learned throughout the year and to utilize manipulatives in the classroom to assist them (i.e. dictionaries, base ten blocks, hundreds charts etc.,)

What can I do to help my child prepare for EQAO? Most importantly, it is essential that your child is well rested and has a healthy breakfast before they come to school.  Sending a re-usable water bottle that they can keep on their desk would minimize the need for water fountain visits and allow for minimal interruptions.  Although our students will be familiar with the EQAO assessments through practice in the classroom, you may wish to look at the EQAO webstite ( – select educator resources/Primary grade assessment/scroll down to sample assessments for each year) for sample assessments.  Approaching the assessment in a positive, low pressure manner will help to minimize any anxiety that they may be feeling.

~ We are confident that our students are well-prepared, have a complete set of manipulatives to assist them and will do their best during the assessment.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me an email  –

Mrs. Laws