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April 22nd – April 25th

April 22nd – April 25th

I hope all my 3/4L families had an excellent Easter long weekend.  The weather was wonderful wasn’t it?  We have a busy week ahead at Rousseau and I want to wish all my young performers good luck on their performances in The Little Mermaid.  There will be no homework assigned this week as students will be busy every evening and i know how tired they will become!  I hope everyone gets a chance to come out and see the musical.  Another short week but a busy one!

Math will be focused on 3D shapes this week along with multiplication/division. Language will continue with reflecting and answering open response questions related to our read aloud “Owls in the Family” .  Writing will be focused on descriptive paragraphs while grammar and word study will be a review from the years concepts.

Tuesday, April 22nd – Day 2

* Phys-Ed

*3:30-5:30 LM Rehearsal GYM

* Grammar review this week for word study (nouns, verbs, use of apostrophe, quotation marks)

Wednesday, April 23rd – Day 3

* Popcorn Break #2 – $2

* 3:30-5:30 Little Mermaid Rehearsal Gym

Thursday, April 24th – Day 4

* Pizza Day

* 11:40-1:09 School Performance of LM, all grades!

* 5:30 LM Call time

* 7:00 LM Performance

Friday, April 25th – Day 5

* 5:30pm  LM Call Time

* 7:00 pm LM Performance


Geometry Review

Geometry Review

Students have been learning about the following skills/concepts in Geometry.

Transformations: A transformation is a rule that results in a change of position, orientation or size.  They include translations (slides), reflections(flips) or rotations (turns).

Reflections:  A flip of a 2D shape; each point in a 2D shape flips to the opposite side of the line of reflection, but stays the same distance from the line.

Translation:  A slide of a shape; the slide must be on a straight line.

Rotation:  a turn of a 2D shape; each turn can be identified as a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full (1) turn.

Congruent:  When a shape is congruent it means it is identical in size and shape.  In order to be sure a shape is congruent you can check 2 ways.

1) tracing paper – trace the shape, cut out, match to other shape

2) Ruler + Protractor – Measure all side lengths and angles to see if they are identical.

Prism: A 3D shape with opposite congruent bases. The other faces are parallelograms (usually rectangles).

Pyramid: A 3D shape with just one polygon for a base.  The pyramid is named for the shape of it’s base.  The other faces are triangles and meet at a single vertex. (eg: square based pyramid)

Net:  A net is a group of 2D shapes that you can fold to create a 3D solid. Students should be able to draw nets for 3D solids and identify which 3D shapes can be made from a net.


Moving On in Math….

Moving On in Math….

We have looked at, learned about and examined the attributes of 2D shapes and how these shapes can flip, slide and turn ( reflect, translate and rotate).  This week will move on to examine the properties of 3Dimensional solids.  We will be examining number of vertices, faces, bases that these shapes have and sort them according to their attributes.  You can practice your skills here!

Identifying 3D Solids

April 14th – 18th

April 14th – 18th

Monday, April 14th -Day 3

* Police Safety Presentation

* Word Study Focus: Grammar review ( parts of speech, contractions, compound words / sentences, homophones)

Tuesday, April 15th – Day 4

* Library

*LM Rehearsal Gym 3:30-5:00

* Math Homework

Wednesday, April 16th –  Day 5

* Popcorn $2 – Break 2

* LM Rehearsal 3:30-5:00

Thursday, April 17th – Day

*3:30-7:00 LM Rehearsal GYM

*Book Fair in Library 9:05-6:00 – students will have the opportunity to view and purchase during the school day with me or with their parents after school.

* grammar quiz on reviewed concepts

No Math Homework

Friday, April 18th – Day 2

* Good Friday Holiday – no school

* Happy Easter (no school Monday)


April 7th – April 11th

April 7th – April 11th

Monday, April 7th – Day 3

* Arts

Tuesday, April 8th – Day 4

* Math Homework nights changed to Wed. & Fri. due to Little Mermaid Rehearsals

* LM Rehearsal 3:30-5:00 Gym

Wednesday, April 9th – Day 5

* Day of Pink – Wear something pink to show a stand towards bullying.

* Popcorn – Break #2 – $2

* LM Rehearsal – 3:30-5:00 Gym

Thursday, April 10th – Day 1

* Pizza Day

* LM Rehearsal – Gym – 3:30-5:00

Friday, April 11th – Day 2

* Math Homework Coming Home – Due Monday

* No word study test today.

Grade 3/4 Math Test Study Guide

Grade 3/4 Math Test Study Guide

What is a …..

Parallelogram: Quadrilateral with 2 sets of parallel sides

Quadrilateral: A shape with four sides

Congruent:  Having the same size and shape.

Parallel:  Parallel lines are lines that are the same distance apart for their whole length, like railroad tracks.

Acute Angles: Angles that are less than 90 degrees.

Obtuse Angles:  Angles that are greater than 90 degrees.

Right Angles:  Angles that are 90 degrees.

Vertices:  A vertex (one) is a corner where two lines meet.

Sides: A line that forms the edge of a shape.

Polygon: A shape where all the lines connect.

Pentagon: A polygon with 5 sides.

Hexagon:  A polygon with 6 sides.

Octagon:  A polygon with 8 sides.

Decagon: A polygon with 10 sides.

Nanogon:  A shape with 9 sides.