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This month 3/4L is very busy ensuring we are moving along in the curriculum and covering all the areas we need to before the end of the school year – 3 more months!  Grades 3 and 4 are honing our procedural writing skills and making sure we are being precise, accurate and have our instructions in sequence!  We are using some key vocabulary such as First, Next, Then, Finally/Last to order our instructions.  The students have also been trying ensure that their writing is interesting, demonstrates their personal “voice” and is engaging to their readers.  No small feat! We are progressing nicely in this area!

Math has been focused on Geometry skills this past couple of weeks – maybe you have taken a look at some of my blog posts on types of questions we have been working on – classifying shapes according to attributes in Venn Diagrams and other sorting tools.  We have been identifying angles within a shape, sides, vertices, congruent shapes and parallel lines.   We will move on to discovering all the attributes of 3D shapes and sorting these next.  20140330-203629.jpg

Science has engaged our class as the grade three’s study Force and Motion and the grade 4’s Light and Sound.  Inquiry has been progressing in these areas and we have discovered many new facts such as: what types of forces act on a Landslide and Newtons Laws of Motion.  It’s incredible to hear the students share all their learning with such enthusiasm and interest!


20140326-203934.jpgA few housekeeping item:

* please remember to send indoor shoes with your child.  The playground can become muddy at this time of year.  A change of clothes is also a great idea!

* Nightly homework expectations still include reading a minimum of 20 minutes and recording in their agendas.

* Please remember to check the blog frequently for updates on what is happening in the classroom as this is my form of classroom communication.

* Any comments or feedback about the blog is appreciated and welcome!

Happy April 3/4L Families!

March 31st- April 4th

March 31st- April 4th

Monday, March 31st – Day 3

* See my new Math Word Study Words

* Pita Pit Lunch


Tuesday, April 1st – Day 4 –

April Fools Day

* Be nice to your teacher day

* Math Homework Coming Home – Study Guide for Friday’s Test

*3:30-5:00 LM Rehearsal GYM


Wednesday, April 2nd – Day 5

* Popcorn Break #2

Thursday, April 3rd – Day 1

* Study for Math Test Friday and Word Study Test Friday

Friday, April 4th – Day 2

* Word Study and Math Tests (combined)

Procedural Writing

Procedural Writing

Our class has completed our writing genre of Persuasive writing and we have moved on to Procedural Writing.  Yesterday, the class talked about the steps of how to make a peanut butter (wow butter:) and jam sandwich.  They really understood how important it was to add specific details such as not to just put the jam on the bread – where I physically placed the entire jar of jam on the loaf of bread…..we then partnered up to have one partner describe a drawing and have the other partner draw it!  Details were important here when they needed to say “…draw a small square in the top right hand corner of the page with your pencil”…we had some interesting outcomes.  Today, we have moved on to describe how to create our latest Art Project using very descriptive language and key vocabulary:  First, Then, Next, Finally/Last….or Step one, Step Two…..etc.

Take a look at the rubric I will be using to assess the students writing at school:

Procedural Writing Rubric

You can help at home by having your child repeat steps of an activity back to you using key vocabulary and putting some interest into their description.  Let their individual voice shine through!


March 24th- March 29th

March 24th- March 29th

Monday, March 24th – Day 3

* Arts

* Pita Pit

Tuesday, March 25th- Day 4

*LM Rehearsal in Gym – 3:30-5:00


Wednesday, March 26th – Day 5

* LM Rehearsal in Gym – 3:30-5:00

*Popcorn Break #2

* Math homework Grade 3: Math Practice Books pg. 54-57


Thursday, March 27th – Day 1

* Pizza Lunch

* Mad Science

* Assembly 2:40pm

* Wacky Hair Day – Let’s see your wackiest do!

* Math Homework Coming home

Friday, March 28th – Day 2

* No word study quiz this week

March 17th-21st

March 17th-21st

Monday,  March 17th – Day 3

*  Happy St. Patricks Day

* Scientists at school today – please bring in your $6

Tuesday,  March 18th – Day 4

* Math Homework – see link on the blog

* Please send in $6 if you forgot

* 3:30-5:00 LM Rehearsal GYM

 Wednesday, March 19th – Day 5

* Popcorn – $2

* 3:30-5:00 LM Rehearsal GYM

Thursday, March 20th – Day 1

* Math Homework coming home

* Mad Science

* Pizza Day

Friday, March 21st – Day 2

* Word study quiz on Science Vocabulary



Watch this video to learn more about Polygons.

Take the worksheet provided and draw the shape with a ruler. Then write the name of the shape below it.  Finally, write the number of sides inside the shape and circle the vertices with a coloured pencil crayon or marker.  Make sure your shape is big enough so you have room to write inside of it. Have fun!

Now think about this question:

When can a polygon be a quadrilateral?