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Oral Communication Festival

Oral Communication Festival

This Monday two students will be participating in the school wide oral communication festival.  Today our class enjoyed listening to all the well written and well delivered speeches that our grade fours presented.  If you could only imagine how difficult my job was to select only 2 to move forward to the school wide competition.  As I see something special in all my students, I had to critically look at the written speech and how it was delivered.  Congratulations to all my wonderful Grade Fours!  I am so proud of you!

Our classroom representatives for the school wide competition will be:

scroll down please…….


Noah Davies 

The Toronto Maple Leafs



Callie-Laine Pitts


March 3rd – March 8th

March 3rd – March 8th

Monday, March 3rd – Day 4

* Oral Communication Festival – 9:05 a.m (grades 3-6)

* Word Study:  Quotation Marks – continuation from last week

* Homework:  Prodigy Math at home. Please play for 20 minutes

* As always, Read and record!

Tuesday, March 4th – Day 5

* Little Mermaid Rehearsal

* Math homework:  Prodigy Math.  Play for 20 minutes (or more)!

Wednesday, March 5th – Day 1

* Popcorn

* Little Mermaid Rehearsal

*  Quotation review:  Click here to review for your quotation quiz and play a fun game!

Thursday, March 6th – Day 2

* Word Study Quiz on Quotation Marks

* Pizza Day

Friday, March 7th 

* no school

*  Happy March Break! Be safe and have fun!



Oral Communication Festival At Rousseau

Oral Communication Festival At Rousseau

Grade Fours in 3/4L are just in the final stages of writing their speeches in class.  On Friday, students will be competing in the “class” speech competition.  Two students scoring the highest points on their written speech and oral communication will be selected to move forward to the school wide competition, happening on Monday, March 3rd from 9am-11am.  

I apologize for the tight timelines on this and would like to have given parents  more notice if your child will be competing, however, it just didn’t work out that way this year.  We are very busy in class and every minute has been used to make sure we cover the curriculum. Students needed more time than I anticipated to complete their speeches.

On a positive note, it’s been a great learning experience for them and they are completely engaged in their work! I am proud of all my grade fours and it will be a difficult task to only select two students to move onto the school wide competition.  I look forward to hearing each one and see their individual personalities shine!

February 24th-28th

February 24th-28th

Monday, February 24th- Day 4

* read and record

* Library

*Key Assessment in Math done in class today

* Take home Olympic word study information to prepare for test on Friday – see note in duotang about what you need to know.

Tuesday, February 25th – Day 5

* read and record

* music/drama/dance

* Little Mermaid Rehearsal

Wednesday, February 26th – Day 1

* read and record

* phys -ed – come prepared with appropriate shoes

* popcorn – $2 break #2

* Little Mermaid Rehearsal

* speeches due today (grade 4)

Thursday, February 27th – Day 2

* read and record

– phys-ed – come prepared with appropriate shoes

* Medieval Times trip (grade 4’s – all day)

* Pizza Day (Grade 4’s will be able to take home their pizza to be reheated at the end of the day if they wish to)

* Mad Science for those participating

Friday, February 28th – Day 3

* read and record

* Music/Drama/Dance

* Olympic Word Study quiz

* grade 4’s to present speeches to class – selection of 2 winners from class to move on to oral communication competition on Monday, March 3rd – 9am-11am in the gymnasium.  Parents are welcome to attend.



Medieval Times

Medieval Times

Grade Four students will be traveling to Medieval Times in Toronto next Thursday, February 27th.  Students are reminded to come dressed appropriately for the weather and do not need to bring a lunch.  They may bring a small snack or two for the bus (to and from) along with a water bottle in a small backpack.  The bus will leave promptly after the bell and attendance is taken.



We remind all students that the day will be an extension of the classroom and expectations in the classroom, apply to the field trip  – otherwise down to the dungeon!

Thank you to Mrs. Potkonjak who is bravely accompanying the Grade Four students on their quest for learning about medieval societies.

Medieval Times Toronto

The Junior Speech Competition

The Junior Speech Competition

The Junior students at Rousseau are now busy bees writing their speeches for the system wide speech competition.  My grade four students have been thinking, planning, researching and writing their speeches these past couple weeks and are well on their way.  Speeches must be completed by Friday, February 28th and will be presented on Monday, March 3rd.  Two students scoring the highest points according to the rubric will be chosen to compete in the school-wide speech competition.

We look forward to hearing all their information and well written speeches soon!

What’s Your Opinion?

What’s Your Opinion?


The grade three students are now engaged in writing about their opinions and being persuasive!  We have generated success criteria together, come up with some persuasive vocabulary and have begun to write their first piece of writing.  They are trying to convince me for some “free time” in class.

We began this learning by reading online the story of “I Wanna Iguana” by Karen Kaufmann Orloff. The students talked about how the main character used some persuasive vocabulary in his letters and tugged at the “heart strings”.  The main character also uses some facts to enhance his argument.

Click here to read the story together with your child!