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January 27th-January 31st

January 27th-January 31st

Monday, January 27th – Day 5


Tuesday, January 28th – Day 1

* Assembly for Joseph – 2:45

* Read and record each evening.

*Grade 3’s prepare your costume for our trip to the Jordan Historical Museum on Friday. See blog post for information.

* Pita Pit lunch (moved from Monday)

Wednesday, January 29th – Day 2

* popcorn – break 2

*school spirit day – Wear Neon Colours

* Awards Assembly 2:40

Thursday, January 30th – Day 3

* Math Test on Time

* trip to see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at Ancaster High School

* Pizza Lunch

Friday, January 31st – Day 4

* Grade Three trip to the Jordan Historical Museum

* Grade 4 Museum Artifacts due





Grade Three Jordan Historical Museum Trip

Grade Three Jordan Historical Museum Trip

We have an exciting day planned for our Grade Three students to the Jordan Historical Museum this Friday.

Students will be participating in a day at school similar to an Early Settler.  We will be learning about what school was like so long ago.

Students should come dressed in the style of an early settler girl or boy.  We have been discussing period appropriate clothing in class.  The girls would wear long skirted dresses or skirts and a white blouse or top.  Aprons were traditionally worn to protect the clothing so it could be worn each day.  Bonnets (if you can get your hands on one) were worn by the young girls.  Their hair would be put into braids, pigtails or buns.  It was never left down.  Hair was usually adorned with ribbons and bows for decoration.  Footwear was generally boots of leather which would last for a long period of time and protect their feet outdoors.

Boys would come to school with brown, black or blue pants (including blue jeans) which were tucked into their socks.  Boys usually would wear a button down white top and sometimes wore ties to school.  Suspenders were also worn.  On their feet, similar to the girls, boys would wear leather shoes or boots.  Hats were also worn to protect from the elements. ng should include the usual modern day snow attire – including boots. Indoor shoes must be brought or students will be asked to wear their socks.  The museum is trying to protect the wood flooring in the school house.  



Lunches should consist of time period appropriate food and not the modern day packaged food which is a convenience to us.  Potatoes, bread, fruit that was available (not tropical fruit), cooked meats, slices of bread or baking.  Please review the hand out which will be sent home with your child.  Food should be placed in baskets and wrapped in dish towels or pails wrapped in parchment as lunch bags were not available during this time.        


Its a fun day where students are totally immersed in the time period and can really experience the daily life of a Pioneer student and the clothing and food choices really play a large part in this experience.

Have fun choosing your clothing!

We will welcome Mrs. Steinberg as our class volunteer and look forward to her costume as well!  Teachers participating will also be dressing up!




This weeks word study focus is based on learning about prefixes.  Here’s the prefixes we will be focusing on for our word study test:

Grade 3                                                    Grade 4

* disagree                                                * preview

*dishonest                                               * prehistoric

*impossible                                              * misuse

*incorrect                                                 * misunderstood

*misplace                                                  * misspell

*refill                                                          * recycle

*rewrite                                                     * invisible

*unfair                                                        * unreal

*unkind                                                       * unlikely

*unable                                                       * unpopular

January 6-10th Homework Links

January 6-10th Homework Links

Monday, January 6th:

*Students watch this video to practice the months of the year and to prepare for your quiz on Friday.

Thirty Days Hath September


Tuesday, January 7th

*Grade 3 Math Practice

*Grade 4 Math Practice


Wednesday, January 8th:

*Fun way to practise your words: Spelling City

click on this link!


Thursday, January 9th:

Prodigy Math Game




January 6th-10th, 2014

January 6th-10th, 2014

Monday, January 6th – Day 1

* See my new Word Study Words (Months of the Year)

* Visit the blog for homework students – View video

Tuesday, January 7th – Day 2

* Math Homework coming home

Wednesday, January 8th – Day 3

* Popcorn – Break #2

*visit Spelling City to practice your words for the week!

Thursday, January 9th – Day 4

* Prodigy Homework

* Pizza Day

Friday, Janary 10th – Day 5

* Word Study Test

Welcome Back Message

Welcome Back Message

Welcome back to school in 2014 grade 3/4 students.  I’m looking forward to a great start to the year with all of you. I hope everyone survived the power outages in the Ancaster area – our home was without power for 3 1/2 days – and had a restful, relaxing, fun filled vacation away from our busy lives.  Some of us enjoyed some warmer weather during this time and I look forward to hearing all about the kids holidays on Monday!

This week, we will jump right into finishing our Aboriginal projects and our new Math unit on time.  In Language we will continue our focus on comparing and contrasting as we look into comparing our own lives with those of the past.  Our word study will begin with reviewing how to spell the months of the year with a bit of poetry!

I would remind all of the students to come to school prepared with their indoor shoes for the classroom and phys-ed classes, as many students took home their shoes over the break and these should return on Monday.  Thank you.

3/4L students: Have you made any New Year resolutions relating to school?  Have you set any goals for yourself for the upcoming year?

See you all soon!