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November 25th-29th

November 25th-29th

Day 2 – Monday, November 25th

* Continuing with Contractions as word study

* Pita Pit Lunch

Day 3 – Tuesday, November 26th

* Big Kids Productions Play

* Chapters Night 6-8pm

Day 4 – Wednesday, November 27th

* Popcorn, Break 2 – $2

* Math Homework coming home911

Day 5 – Thursday, November 28th

* Good News/Monthly Assembly

Day 1 – Friday, November 29th

* Contractions Quiz

A Poppy Is to Remember – a connection to the text written by: 3/4L Students

A Poppy Is to Remember – a connection to the text written by: 3/4L Students


My connection to the book is when it says dangerous skies it reminds me of when my dads uncle was a fighter and in the book it has a picture of a plane flying and my dads uncle flu a plane to. He was one of the best fighter groups. That is my connection to a poppy is to remember……………?



Winter Bird Feeders

Winter Bird Feeders

3/4 L students have been reading about how we can attract certain birds to remfeeder 3ain north for the winter!  Creating a source of food for them and placing it in an ideal location which provides shelter and safety are all part of our reading right now.  Of course, we wanted to apply all of our learning and create our own bird feeders.  We up cycled the milk cartons from the students milk programs and created some useful little feeders to place outsidefeeder 2our classroom window.  Some purposeful, motivated writing pieces have emerged from this reading and I look forward to sharing some of these with you shortly.  Through discussion, we talked about what types of feed we could place in our feeders: even though the birdies love peanuts and peanut butter, this is one ingredient we can not include – however, seeds and suet are items that can be brought in by students to include in their feeders.  Ask your child what he/she learned from this activity.  We hope to have a busy winter watching our little friends enjoying their food.


Let’s Talk About Trash

Let’s Talk About Trash


This is some of the garbage we found on our floor after nutrition break.  Its not a very pleasant environment to work in when we see this on our classroom floor.  Having this garbage on our floors is not only unpleasant but will also attract bugs and rodents. We are not keeping up our responsibilities when we leave a mess like this behind for others to clean instead of placing our garbage in the trash or recycling.  Lunch bags belong on our shelf, not on the floor for others to step on. We will set some goals this week to make sure we pick up after ourselves and keep garbage off of our workspace.



November 11th-15th

November 11th-15th

Good morning!  Today we will spend the morning thinking of all those who served our country to allow us the freedoms we experience today.  We will read “A Poppy Is to Remember”, and participate in the Remembrance Day Assembly with our school.  It will be a good morning!

This week, we have turned a corner in our learning with many areas of focus being wrapped up.  Our Science units have been completed with some very well thought out and informative projects being presented last week.  I have discussed with each student their areas of success and next steps for future projects and given each a mark on their projects.  It was the Grade Three’s first attempt at an independent project and I was very proud of their efforts and products.  Grade Fours were able to set an excellent example for the Three’s through their thoroughness and presentation skills.  Lots of successes last week!  I can definitely see some leadership skills developing and self regulation skills improving in 3/4L.

We move on with Social Studies:  Grade Three – Early Settlement , Grade Four – Medieval Societies.  These are always favorite areas of focus and the students are really excited to begin!

Here’s the Week:

Day 3 – Monday, November 11th

* Remembrance Day

*  See my new words and word study focus

* Pita Pit lunch  for those participating.

Day 4 – Tuesday, November 12th

* Math homework coming home

Day 5 – Wednesday, November 13th

* Swim Team Last Practice

* Popcorn Day

* Photo Retake Day

Day 1 – Thursday, November 14th

* Swim Meet 9:30- 12:00pm

* Math Homework

Day 2 – Friday, November 15th

* Word Study Test

* Grade 4-6 Bus Safety Presentation

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