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Grade Three Plant Projects

Grade Three Plant Projects

Here’s a list of possible

1. Choose a plant and complete a project about it. Tell about its parts and their functions, habitat and any uses it provides.
2. How seeds travel.
3. How do bees use plants.
4. All about chlorophyll…
5. All about photosynthesis.
6. The parts of a plant and their functions.
7. The life cycle of a plant…..pumpkin
8. All about plants!
9. The needs of a plant.
10. How do animals and humans use plants?
11. Why do we need plants to survive?
12. How do plants adapt to their environment?
13. How does the lily pad survive in water? With no soil?
14. What is a GreenHouse?
15. What do Roots Do?
16. How does a plant get water?

17. What is Purple Loosestrife and how can it be a problem in society today?

projects the Grade 3’s can choose from:


October 28th-November 1st

October 28th-November 1st

It’s going to be  a wicked week here in 3/4L!  Lots of fun Halloween learning happening to keep us busy!   We will continue to work on Place Value and rounding numbers this week in Math.  In our language word study this week, we will focus on sp0oky adjectives – describing monsters, spiders and other scary creatures! We will continue to work on our reading strategy of making connections to a text and writing proper paragraphs – looking in the text for information to support our answers. We are wrapping up our Science units this week with both grades completing their Science projects!

A couple housekeeping items this week:

* pizza day has been moved to Friday this week because of our busy day on Thursday!

* reminder that students will be participating in Pumpkinfest on Thursday morning and bringing home a pumpkin that day.  Please send in a plastic bag for them to put their pumpkins into.

* Costumes for our Halloween Parade will be put on after second break on this day.  Please do not send your child to school in their costume this day but pack it separately in their backpacks.  Reminder not to send in any toy weapons with their costumes.

* Peanut Safe treats may be sent in for students to share this day.


Here’s the plan for our frighteningly fun week:

Monday, October 28th – Day 3

* no words coming home this week.  Focus on Adjectives

* place mats for lunch break

Tuesday, October 29th – Day 4

* Ghouly  news assembly 2:40

* Math howlwork

Wednesday, October 30th – Day 5

* Swim Practise – 2:40

* Popcorn $2

* Math Howlwork coming home

Thursday, October 31st- Day 1

* Primary Pumpkin Fest

* Halloween Parade 2:00-2:45

* Junior Halloween Social in Gym

* Class Celebrations 2:45

Friday, November 1st – Day 2

* Pizza Day

* NO word study test this week







October 21st – 25th

October 21st – 25th

This weeks word study will focus on long e sounds at the end of a word (Grade 3) and Science vocabulary (Grade 4). We have been writing a variety of sentence types (. ? !) using this vocabulary and grade fours have been including these words into proper paragraphs.

In language, we are still practicing our high five answers and getting a little better using them to respond to a text! Some of the text we have been using is around our Science focus of Rocks and Minerals(4) and Soils/Plants (3).  Grade Four students are well on their way towards completing projects  in Science and the grade three’s will be beginning their’s this week!  Students may choose to show their learning in a variety of ways including project boards, posters, dioramas, power point presentations, etc…  however I ask that all materials be brought into school this week so we can start! Exciting stuff!

We have moved on in Math to Place Value,  representing and comparing numbers.  This week we will talk about the value of a number and representing that number in Standard Form, Word Form and Expanded form!

Pumpkin day is approaching next week and we ask that each student bring in $2 to contribute towards materials for this day!  Any volunteers to help out on this day?  Send me a note in the agenda if you are free.  I need approximately three!  Thanks for your support!


Here’s the week ahead:

Day 3 –  Monday, October 21st

* see my new word study words

* homework each night is to read and record.


Day 4 – Tuesday, October 22nd

*Math homework


Day 5 – Wednesday, October 23rd

* Popcorn – break #2 – $2

* Swim Practice – 2:40 pm


Day 1 – Thursday, October 24th

* Math homework


Day 2 – Friday, October 25th

* Word Study Test





Pumpkin Day!

Pumpkin Day!

Students in the Primary division will be participating in a fun day of Pumpkin Activities on Thursday, October 31st in the a.m. !  We are looking forward to Pumpkin Science, Pumpkin Math and Pumpkin Art all morning!  As well, students will be able to decorate their very own pumpkin to bring home.  We ask that a donation of $2 be sent in to participate in this activity.  Thanks for your help!

October 15th-19th

October 15th-19th

This weeks word focus will be centered  around words with double consonants for Grades Three and Four.  We will be reviewing the rules around these and brainstorming other words with these double letters.  Additionally, we will be focusing with the three’s on writing complete sentences consistently in a paragraph.  Including proper punctuation, capitalization and spelling.

We will continue to work on High Five answers and our reading strategy of making connections – beginning this week with the text – “Don’t Laugh At Me”.

A reminder that if you have any used, empty egg cartons, could you please send them in.  We need them for a little project coming up! Also, a reminder that every night there is the expectation that students are reading for at least 20 minutes and record their reading.  Parents, if you could sign their agendas so I know you have seen them.  Thanks!

Hope all of my little Turkey’s had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Here’s the week ahead:

Day 4 – Tuesday, October 15th

* See my new word study words – double consonants

* Library

* Read and record

* Check the classroom blog regularly

* Bring in Egg Cartons

Day 5 – Wednesday, October 16th

* Swim Practise 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

* Popcorn $2 – Break 2

* Read and record


Day 1 – Thursday, October 17th

* Phys-Ed

* Read and record

Day 2- Friday, October 18th

* Word Study Test

* Read and Record


October 7th – 10th

October 7th – 10th

Busy week ahead with the PA Day on Friday! The Cross Country meet begins the week on Monday and our first Rousseau swim team practice is on Wednesday. Thank you to all swimmers for submitting your forms last Friday so our parent volunteers can organize drivers! Also, thank you to all 3/4L parents that volunteered to drive.

Here’s a look at our week:

Day 5 – Monday, October 7th, 2013
* Math Review Due
* See my new Thanksgiving words!

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 8th, 2013
* Phys-Ed

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
* Math Test – Counting and Patterning
*Popcorn Sales – Break #2 – $2
*photo day
* Swim Practise – 3:00pm – Ancaster Aquatic Centre

Day 3 – Thursday, October 10th, 2013
*word study test

Day 4- Friday, October 11th, 2013
* PA Day – no school
* thanksgiving holiday on Monday

Reading Suggestions

Reading Suggestions

Following conversations with various parents, a need for reading suggestions seems to have been a common thread. The expectation for homework is that each student reads for 20 minutes or more each evening and records their reading in their agenda's.


Why Can’t I Skip My Twenty Minutes of Reading Tonight?

Student A reads 20 minutes five nights of every week.

Student B reads only 4 minutes a night or not at all!

Step 1: Multiply minutes per night times 5 times each week.

Student A reads 20 minutes times 5 times a week = 100 minutes per week.

Student B reads 4 minutes times 5 times a week= 20 minutes per week.

Step 2: Multiply minutes a week times 4 weeks each month.

Student A reads 400 minutes in a month.

Student B reads 80 minutes a month.

Step 3: Multiply minutes a month times 9 months per school year.

Student A reads 3600 minutes in a school year.

Student B reads 720 minutes in a school year.

Student A practices reading the equivalent of 10 whole school days a year.

Student B gets the equivalent of only 2 school days of reading practice.

By the end of 6th Grade if Student A and Student B maintain these same reading habits, Student A will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days.

Student B will have read the equivalent of only 12 school days.

Which student would you expect to read better?

Which student would you expect to know more?

Which student would you expect to write better?

Which student would you expect to have a better vocabulary?

Why Can’t I Skip My Twenty Minutes of Reading Tonight?

Here are suggestions of reading material for anyone looking for new books……

Popular Grade 3 Books

Favorite Books for Fourth-Graders –