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Key assessments

Key assessments

Over the next few days, the students will be bringing home their math key assessments in patterning. We have been learning about all of these concepts and the key assessment is the opportunity to check in and determine what the next steps in our learning may be. It is not a final unit test. I have been conferencing with students to talk about their strengths in this area and goals for moving forward. So we move on and fine tune those areas that need some extra attention. Parents, I ask that you take a look at where your child is at in their learning and sign their assessment. Please send it back to school when you have had the opportunity to do this. Thanks!



September 23-27th

September 23-27th

Day 5 – Monday, September 23rd

* See my new word study words

* don’t forget pizza forms


Day 1 – Tuesday, September 24th

* Phys-Ed

* Cross Country


Day 2 – Wednesday, September 25th

*Phys – Ed

* Popcorn Sales $2


Day 3 – Thursday, September 26th

* Monthly assembly 2:40 pm

* Water Bottle Orders Due


Day 4 – Friday, September 27th

*Word Study Test

* Red and White Spirit Day

* Terry Fox event



What We Have Done in Math- by Callum H. and Callie-Laine P.

What We Have Done in Math- by Callum H. and Callie-Laine P.

This is what we have learned in math so far this year.  For the grade 3 and 4 students we have been learning  about gaps between numbers.  here is an example 45, 50 ,55 60 … the gap would be 5 each time.  We also did some stuff about decreasing number patterns. We did your everyday patterns and we had to describe attributes when we did patterns. Attributes are characteristics of a pattern such as: size, shape, colour, position, number….. We also had to add and subtract numbers in patterns to identify growing and shrinking patterns.   We also had to circle the core of  the  pattern.

Wk #3 – September 16th-20th

Wk #3 – September 16th-20th

It’s hard to believe that we are already into week #3 of school and I am really excited to be working with such a wonderful group of children.  I’ve enjoyed watching them adjust – so quickly- to new routines and classmates and I predict this to be a fantastic year!

We have jumped right into our first cycle of learning which involves our first word study test completed and sent home.  Throughout the week, the students spend a small part of each morning completing activities to practice the word study skill being focused on.  This week, the grade 3’s will think about words with the short i,u and o sounds and Grade fours will focus on the long i sound.

In Language, we have begun our first cycle with the big idea:  How does a good reader respond to a text?  Students have set the learning goal of:  We can answer questions about a text using a complete and well written answer.  Some criteria for success in this area are:

1. I can think about what I read and how it can help me answer the question presented.

2. I can look for evidence in the text to use in my answer.

3. I can write a high five answer (more on this).

4. I can add some of my own thoughts into my writing. I can reflect on what I have written.

5. I can edit my work with COPS (ask your child what COPS is!).

Through clear goals and criteria, students will practice responding to a text in a written form throughout our 6 week cycle.  Our goal is for everyone to practice bumping up their answers to a level 4.


Student use the model of a “high five” to organize their writing.  The thumb represents – restating the question.  The next three fingers represent: support from the text.  The final pinkie represents: a closing statement and reflection.  That’s a “high five”!

In Math, we are continuing with patterning with various attributes: shape, size, colour, position, number.  We will be moving on to representing numbers in a variety of ways.

Our first science unit will begin this week.

Grade 3: Soils and Plants

Grade 4: Rocks and Minerals


Thank you to everyone that sent in their parent homework letters.  I enjoyed reading them and gaining some more insight into their personalities and goals for the year.

Another thank you to everyone that sent in supply donations for the class.  We now have many sets of markers, crayons, pencil crayons which we will happily use throughout the school year.  The kleenex and disinfectant wipes will also be useful during the long winter.  Many thanks!

I hope to see everyone this week at Meet the teacher, this Thursday evening from 6:00 – 7:15.


Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday, September 16th – Day 5

*  See my new word study words

* Bring a Toonie for Terry


Tuesday, September 17th – Day 1

* Phys -ed


Wednesday, September 18th – Day 2

* Phys- Ed


Thursday, September 19th – Day 3

*Music, Drama, Dance

* Meet the “Creature” night!


Friday, September 20th – Day 5

Word Study Test



First Night of Homework

First Night of Homework

Tonights homework is catch up from anything that was not finished from the past week up until today.  We have begun counting patterns.  Students are looking for the gap between numbers and discovering the increasing and decreasing patterns.  Some students are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of Grade 3 and therefore are quite behind.  Please have them complete as much as they can each evening, but return their duotangs each day.  Grade 3 is an adjustment, but students improve their pace quite quickly.  Please let me know if there are any problems and the expectation is that students work independently. Thanks!



Welcome parents/students to our classroom blog.  Here you will find information about daily activities and events happening here at Rousseau and in our classroom.  You will also find our weekly agenda plans and word study words. Please visit frequently!

It was a lovely first week back to school and I enjoyed getting to know all of my new students as well as getting reacquainted with my  fours.  We are a classroom of 23 students – 6 grade fours and 17 grade three’s. The first week back is of course just a time to establish some routines and to assess the skills and work habits of my students.  I look forward to reading all of the parent letters which will give me a better indication of some goals and past experiences in school.  All of this information will help me to get to know your child much better.  Please don’t forget to send your email address along with this.  Thank you!

Some of our regular homework routines here in 3/4L are that each evening, it is the expectation that students read for at least 20 minutes and record their reading in their agendas.  I encourage students to do all of this recording independently and then have their parents sign each night.   Please ensure your child is reading a text that provides a small challenge  and that it is something they enjoy.  Classroom library books are to remain in the classroom for reading at school and I would encourage students to take home their school library books for reading, visit the public library or to even swap books with a friend.  Our classroom library is just too small to have students taking books home.  Each morning, I will have  a look in their agendas for any communication with you and to track their reading.

Additionally, on Tuesday/Thursday evenings,  Math homework will be sent home from their Math practice books.  Any homework is learning which has already happened in the classroom and meant to be practice for your child.  I would encourage you to allow him/her to complete this independently.  If your child is struggling,  please indicate in the agenda that the homework was a challenge.  I can then address this in class.  Math homework should take no more than 10-20 minutes.

Each Friday, students will complete a word study quiz on the word focus for the week.  Our first focus for Grade 3 is a short vowel review and Grade Four, short e sounds.  Students should practice these throughout the week at home, along with our daily class word work!

As the wet, fall weather approaches,  all students should keep a pair of indoor shoes at school to ensure our classroom does not become muddy.  Students enjoy working on the carpeted areas of the classroom, and we try to keep it nice and clean for them.

I look forward to meeting all parents on Meet the Teacher night, Thursday, September 19th from 6-7:15pm.   See you then!


Weekly Agenda:

Monday, September 9th – Day 5

* See my weekly word study words.


* Please remember to send in information packages completed


Tuesday, September 10th – Day 1

* Phys-Ed

* Math Homework


Wednesday, September 11th – Day 2

* Phys – Ed


Thursday, September 12th – Day 3

* Arts


Friday, September 13th – Day 4

* Library (students please return any books you wish to exchange)

* Word Study Test – students should know how to spell each word and how to sort them according to their short and long vowel sounds.

*  Parent Homework due