Apple Store Visit

Apple Store Visit

Last Wednesday, 3L visited the Apple Store in Mapleview Mall.  We had an engaging morning learning about iMovie and how to use this particular app for our projects and presentations.  The students and myself, learned a few tricks to make their presentations fabulous.

.IMG_0654[1] IMG_0666[1] IMG_0671[1] IMG_0684[1]   After the Apple Store we walked down to Turtle Jacks for a wonderful lunch!  The students had been learning about text features and were able to take a look at the menu and identify some features in a real life setting.  We had a fabulous time and all the students were well mannered guests in the restaurant.



Thank you as well to my volunteers who made the day much more enjoyable!  


Congratulations to Ben – who ordered the healthiest meal of the group! IMG_0690[1]


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