May 6th – May 10th, 2013

May 6th – May 10th, 2013

This week, let’s hope that the marvellous spring weather continues to be so pleasant!  We have all enjoyed getting outside for our DPA and independent /guided reading periods this week!

We will begin a new Math unit this week on 2D/3D shapes.  We will be identifying their characteristics (number of sides, vertices, edges) and looking at their “nets” – what they look like if opened up!  Additionally, I will begin daily one minute multiplication drills to improve the students math fluency in this area.  These marks will not be part of their grade for this strand.  However, it will make their lives easier for the future!

In language, we will be examining text features of non-fiction texts and finishing up our Persuasive writing unit.  Please have your child continue to do their nightly homework of reading 20 minutes (at the very least) and record their reading in their agendas.  I have reminded my students that their nightly homework is to do this and it is their responsibility to record in their agendas.  I check this on a daily basis and record results as part of their learning skills grade.


Monday, May 6th

* Music Monday

*no trip today – rescheduled to May 15th

* read 20 minutes and record


Tuesday, May 7th

* read 20 minutes and record

* math homework (2D and 3D shapes)


Wednesday, May 8th

* popcorn – $2 break #2

*read and record 20 minutes


Thursday, May 9th

* read 20 minutes and record

* Math homework


Friday, May 10th

* trip forms and money due

* read and record 20 minutes

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