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Apple Store Visit

Apple Store Visit

Last Wednesday, 3L visited the Apple Store in Mapleview Mall.  We had an engaging morning learning about iMovie and how to use this particular app for our projects and presentations.  The students and myself, learned a few tricks to make their presentations fabulous.

.IMG_0654[1] IMG_0666[1] IMG_0671[1] IMG_0684[1]   After the Apple Store we walked down to Turtle Jacks for a wonderful lunch!  The students had been learning about text features and were able to take a look at the menu and identify some features in a real life setting.  We had a fabulous time and all the students were well mannered guests in the restaurant.



Thank you as well to my volunteers who made the day much more enjoyable!  


Congratulations to Ben – who ordered the healthiest meal of the group! IMG_0690[1]


May 21st-24th

May 21st-24th

Happy Victoria Day to all 3L students and their families.  I hope everyone had a restful, relaxing weekend.

The week ahead is a busy one, with lots of review of key concepts throughout the year, and preparations for provincial testing next week.  EQAO testing will commence on Monday, May 27th and continue until Thursday, May 30th.  Please do your best to ensure your child is present and not leaving for appointments throughout these days.  Again, we approach the testing in a low key, low pressure manner with snacks and drinks available to the students.

Here’s a sneak peek at what is going on this week:

Tuesday, May 24th (Day 2)

* Library


Wednesday, May 25th (Day 3)

* Gym

*Popcorn $2 break 2

*Choir, Break 1


Thursday, May 26th ( Day 4)

* Family Movie Night


Friday, May 27th (Day 5)

* Gym

* EQAO Monday

May 13-17th

May 13-17th

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful and supportive mothers in 3L!  Thanks for raising some pretty awesome kids!  I enjoy spending each day with your children because of how you care for them!  I hope you enjoyed your letter and flowers.  We had a lot of fun creating these flowers – with a lot of mess as well!  IMG_0109[1]IMG_0110[1]

Monday, May 13 – Day 

*Primary Music Assembly

* Read and record 20 minutes



Tuesday, May 14th – Day 3

* Hot Dog Day – Nutrition Break 1

* Gym

* Math Homework


Wednesday, May 15th – Day 4

* Trip To Apple Store/Turtle Jacks

* Popcorn Day – Break 2


Thursday, May 16th – Day 5

* Gym

* Math Homework


Friday, May 17th – Day 1

*Music, Drama, Dance

Happy Long Weekend!  No school Monday!

Earth to Orbit!

Earth to Orbit!

At 12:30 pm today, our class viewed the very first Earth to Orbit Music Monday, with Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield.   Broadcasted from the International Space Station, students across Canada all sang along with Chris, the song, “I am Singing”. What an amazing experience for the students to see such a wonderful joining of human invention and collaboration.  His message for students across Canada and internationally was to use the voice you were given and sing!

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, singing from the International Space Station.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, singing from the International Space Station.

Students in 3L join Chris in song!

Students in 3L join Chris in song!

May 6th – May 10th, 2013

May 6th – May 10th, 2013

This week, let’s hope that the marvellous spring weather continues to be so pleasant!  We have all enjoyed getting outside for our DPA and independent /guided reading periods this week!

We will begin a new Math unit this week on 2D/3D shapes.  We will be identifying their characteristics (number of sides, vertices, edges) and looking at their “nets” – what they look like if opened up!  Additionally, I will begin daily one minute multiplication drills to improve the students math fluency in this area.  These marks will not be part of their grade for this strand.  However, it will make their lives easier for the future!

In language, we will be examining text features of non-fiction texts and finishing up our Persuasive writing unit.  Please have your child continue to do their nightly homework of reading 20 minutes (at the very least) and record their reading in their agendas.  I have reminded my students that their nightly homework is to do this and it is their responsibility to record in their agendas.  I check this on a daily basis and record results as part of their learning skills grade.


Monday, May 6th

* Music Monday

*no trip today – rescheduled to May 15th

* read 20 minutes and record


Tuesday, May 7th

* read 20 minutes and record

* math homework (2D and 3D shapes)


Wednesday, May 8th

* popcorn – $2 break #2

*read and record 20 minutes


Thursday, May 9th

* read 20 minutes and record

* Math homework


Friday, May 10th

* trip forms and money due

* read and record 20 minutes

Hello everyone,

A quick update on our trip to the Apple Store.  I have had to reschedule due to some scheduling conflicts to Wednesday, May 15th, 2013.  We will still be adhering to the time and fee outlined on the information form.  Only the date has changed.  Therefore thank you to everyone who has sent in their money already!  Excellent!  I will however be sending home a new trip permission form with your child today.

Thanks for understanding!