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April 29th – May 3rd

April 29th – May 3rd

This week, we will continue with our Math unit on Multiplication and Division – finishing this unit on Friday.  Students are encouraged to always think about strategies for showing their thinking using:

* Arrays, repeated addition, Equal Groups, Equal Sharing and Repeated Subtraction

In Language, we will be beginning a new focus of Persuasive Writing. Students tend to traditionally really enjoy this style of writing!  We will be looking at the format for a letter, persuasive vocabulary, organizing our writing into paragraphs with each having a topic sentence.

Several letters coming home this week.  The first being information surrounding the upcoming EQAO testing.  If you have any further questions, as always, please contact me.  I approach the testing in a low key, low pressure manner and encourage the students to think about all their learning from the year.

The second letter to look out for is our trip form to the Apple Store on May 6th.  Please try and have all your forms and money back in good time, before the end of the week as our timelines are tight.  Thank you to Mrs. Mattern for her help organizing this fun trip for the students!

Monday, April 29th

* Robotics

* Trip forms coming home

Tuesday, April 30th

* Math homework coming home

Wednesday, May 1st

* Popcorn – break #2 – $2

Thursday, May 2nd

* Open House

* Math homework

Friday, May 3rd

* Trip forms and money due

April 22nd – 26th

April 22nd – 26th

Happy Earth Day everyone.  Students in 3L and 2/3R will be having some good discussions today about the earth and how we can do our part to make sure our planet is a healthy one.  We will be doing a playground spring cleanup in the spirit of keeping our Earth clean – starting with our own environment!

This weeks Math unit will move to lessons on basic Multiplication and Division.  Representing our thinking with equal groups, arrays and repeated addition.  Students will be asked to do some memorization of basic facts to assist them with their fluency with facts.

Language will be focused on finishing up our unit of Narrative writing and moving onto persuasive writing.  In our reading we will be focusing on reading for understanding and representing our thinking through evidence and our own ideas.

Reminder that Scholastic orders are due on the 24th of April and please keep checking those agendas for some special forms coming home this week about an outing we will be participating in .

Have a wonderful week – looks nice weather wise!  I hope to get out as much as possible with the students if the weather cooperates!

Monday, April 22nd – Day 2


* word study year review this week

* Earth Day – yard cleanup

* read 20 minutes and record


Tuesday, April 23rd – Day 3


* Math Homework – Multiplication

* Read 20 minutes and record


Wednesday, April 24th – Day 4

* Popcorn – break 2 – $2

*read and record


Thursday, April 25th – Day 5


* Read and record

*Multiplication Homework

* Good news assemly 2:40 pm


Friday, April 26th – Day 1

* read and record

* sub lunches

7 Habits of Happy Kids

7 Habits of Happy Kids

In 3L we have begun a new discussion on the “Seven Habits of Happy Kids”.  This is a series which introduces kids and in most cases, just brings to the forefront, qualites to be successful!  In the classroom and outside of it!


This month, we have talked about the first quality which is:

“Be ProActive”

Being in charge of our own actions and being responsible for ourselves has led our discussion.  That making good choices and thinking before we act or speak, is necessary for our long term success.  That even when no one is looking, we need to make responsible choices.

A good starting point for a home discussion as well!


April 15th-19th

April 15th-19th

Monday, April 15th

* robotics program after school

*read 20 minutes and record

*word study (review week)


*visit the blog


Tuesday, April 16th

*math homework coming home

*read 20 minutes and record

* gym


Wednesday, April 17th

*popcorn $2

*read 20 minutes and record


Thursday, April 18th

*math homework coming home

*read 20 minutes and record



Friday, April 19th


*read 20 minutes

*no word study test this week

April 8th – 12th

April 8th – 12th

Hello Parents and Students,

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the lovely weather that we had this weekend!  This week looks like we will be getting a lot of rain, so please make sure your child has their indoor shoes and for the boys, perhaps a change of clothes, due to their desire to play on the muddy fields. 

In class this week, we will continue with our language focus of Narrative writing.  We have been studying all the parts of a narrative and giving these the labels:  Orientation, Complication and Resolution.  The students are working hard to ensure their narratives are interesting and complete.  We have learned how to make our narratives engaging through a variety of sentence types (!, ?,.) and length.  Dialogue in the middle of our stories is also a way to make your narrative more interesting.  We will continue practising these skills this week. 

Word study will focus on “Homophones” – words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  A concept that requires a lot of study and memory work!

In Math, we will continue with measurement.  We have learned to select the appropriate unit of measurement and how to measure area and perimeter.  We will focus this week on mass/capacity and applying our learning of area/perimeter into word problems. 

In Visual Art, we will continue with our Great Artist study and the students will experience a dramatic production of “Rapunzel”, on Wednesday.  We are really looking forward to this. Also, our “robotics” program will begin today after school. 

Have a great week!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Day 2


*Please get word study test signed

*Don’t forget to continue to heat things up – continue with your reading

*Robotics Class 3:30-5:00



Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Day 3

* Gym

*Milk Delivery Starts Today

*Math Homework


Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Day 4

*Pink Day – “Stand Up to Bullying”

* Big Kid Production of Rapunzel in Gym


Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Day 5


* Math Homework

*Study for Word Study Test on Homophones


Friday, April 12th, 2013

Day 1

*Word Study Test on Homophones

*Sub Day


Homophones  are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meaning:

to                                                           two                                                            too

           by                                                          bye                                                            buy

           knew                                                     new

           for                                                         four

           week                                                    weak

          pair                                                      pear

          f lower                                                 flour

          blue                                                     blew

         their                                                    there

How to Calculate Area and Perimeter

How to Calculate Area and Perimeter

“1,2,3,4… that makes 34? No it’s____ummm…”  If you are having trouble calculating perimeter and area keep reading because I’m going to tell you how!

Here’s an example,  picture a square. Picture it on a piece of grid paper and each square on the grid paper is 1 cm (centimeter).  Step one: count the 1 cm squares on top of the big square and you count 2 little squares so you write 2 cm above the big square. Do the same with the other sides BUT you have to measure because some figures will not have equal sides like the square!  Eventualy you will find harder figures that are iregular.  That means figures that are not squares or rectangles they are strange shapes. We are getting a bit off topic here’s step 2. Step 2: Add all your numbers together like a equation 🙂 !  Because the square has 4 equal sides we have: 2cm+2cm+2cm+2cm and of course that makes 8 cm.  Sometimes you will not be using cm so be sure to mark your unit. Tip: if you are measuring perimeter and there is a angle count it as one unit!  Time to talk area!  lets practice with a rectangle (on grid paper)

Step one: count how many units (tiny squares) are in side of the figure. Imagtion you count 10 units on the in side!  Easy, right?  Step two: write as your finishing sentance: A= 10 units 2.  The “2” means square because you’re using square units to measure.  TIP:  If you come across a angle you don’t count as one you count it as a half. If there is two halfs you count it as a whole unit because half and half make a whole.

Thats how you calculate perimeter and area! Thanks for reading!

This Is How To Measusure Area And The Perimeter of shapes

This Is How To Measusure Area And The Perimeter of shapes

first,I’m going  to show you how to measusur area of shapes.first if you get a graf paper and druw a sqwer count the im gowing to show

how to do the perimeter. first you get a graf paper and druw a sqraer and count the outside.thats how i do it. thats how to maesusuer the areaand the perimeter.