Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school to all my little friends in grade three! I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday together. It’s back to school time and thinking about one of our reading focuses for the New Year is to experiment with different reading genres. I found a neat link which lists high interest books for boys. Take a look and remember to get back on track with your reading if you have maybe taken a little break over the holidays ūüôā Also, please remind your child to record their reading every night so I know they are doing their homework. Thank you.


We have moved on in our Math unit to Data Management.  We will be looking at a variety of ways to manage data that is collected Рincluding:  bar graphs, pictographs with many to one correspondence, line and circle graphs.  Most importantly in this unit we will be interpreting information from graphs and developing questions for others to answer about the data presented.  Filling in the missing parts to the graphs will also be worked on and surveying others to collect data Рrecording this in a tally chart.  Additionally, we will be looking at attributes and three circle Venn Diagrams.  The final culminating task will be for the students to independently develop a suitable question to survey the class with and collect tally marks on a tally chart.  They will be asked to present the data they collected in  a bar graph, pictograph(with many to one correspondence) and  a circle graph.  Finally they will be asked to write five questions about their data and answer these questions.  A big project indeed!


In Language we will be comparing and contrasting our own experiences to those of a Pioneer child. ¬†Completing written responses which includes key vocabulary when looking for similarities and differences such as: Unlike, like, compared to, different from, the same as…….. ¬†As always, the expectation in Grade Three is for students to write complete responses which contain an opening and closing sentence and three good supports – in this focus, three compare/contrast statements. ¬†I always ask the students to put a little “sparkle” into their writing with excellent word choice and their own thoughts about their writing. ¬†I really want to see their own voice represented in their writing pieces.

Our present read aloud is titled, “Twister on Tuesday, by Mary Pope Osbourne. ¬†As part of the Magic Tree House series, this text pertains to our topic of Early Settlers and the students are completing reading responses to this text – a different genre than our usual read aloud of Historical Fiction. They are really enjoying how Jack and Annie are transported into the world of the Early Settlers and we are discussing the similarities and differences to our own lives. ¬†If you have the text at home, encourage your child to open it up from time to time and discuss their learning.

Word study this month will continue with a focus on Months of the Year, adverbs, plurals and contractions.

Finally, thank you for your generous gifts and donations made in my name at Christmas time.  They were all so appreciated!


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